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Must-See Sporting Events: The World Series & Wrigley Field

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Perhaps no sport is more American than baseball. First mentioned in a publication in 1791, the game took off during the American Civil War where soldiers played the game to keep their minds off the war. The soldiers took the game home with them, resulting in the first professional leagues were formed in 1871. The original structure still holds true today: there are two leagues, the American and the National League. The best team in each league won the pennant, and the pennant winners met in The World Series for a series of seven games, the winner of four takes the championship.

If you are a sports fan, seeing The World Series is most definitely on your bucket list (and if it’s not, put it on!), especially if your team is playing. A World Series game is like no other, and out of all of the championship sports games, it could perhaps be the easiest to score tickets to just because there are possibly seven games.

Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago offers sports fans a place to congregate at our sports bar and corporate event venue space. We have dozens of TVs, great food and drinks, and an energetic atmosphere. Below, we’ll go over some of the must-see sporting events in baseball, America’s national pastime. Reach out to us today for event booking information!


The World Series

As one of the world’s oldest sports, baseball is a summer tradition that many enjoy. Going to a stadium, eating popcorn and hot dogs, drinking a beer, and watching your team play has been a tradition for many families for decades. Baseball games last three to four hours so you definitely get your money’s worth as you soak up the vibes from the fans. During a typical summer afternoon baseball game, you talk with your family and friends, you buy souvenirs, and you wait for a fly ball to head your way.

However, seeing the World Series is a completely different experience. When you have a stadium packed full of die-hard baseball fans, the feeling is electric. You’ll want to arrive early just to walk around and savor the moment; people have been doing this for well over 150 years. Indulge in the souvenirs, enjoy the antics of the crowd, and revel in being a part of history. You and everyone else will hang on every pitch, and every hit and out counts. Seeing a playoff game is much the same feel, but not quite as charged. You’ll definitely want to make sure this bucket list item is met.

If you can’t make the World Series, Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago has got you covered. And if the Chicago Cubs make it, you can bet the atmosphere here will be a close second to the real deal. From the best food and drinks to comfortable seating and easy viewing, our sports club and corporate event venue spaces offer everything you need to take in the big game. However, you’ll most definitely want to book early for our corporate event venue spaces, as all will fill up quickly. We offer spaces from 45 to up to 300 people, so your entire friend group and their friend groups can watch together. With superior customer service, we offer a close second to the real deal.

Chicago Cubs Baseball Game at Wrigley Field

There is no baseball stadium in America that evokes more nostalgia than Wrigley Field right here in Chicago. As one of the oldest stadiums built in 1914, this national treasure has undergone many renovations over the years. It has the famous hand-operated scoreboard, ivy-covered walls, and the famous red sign as you enter. Renovation projects around the stadium have turned the entire area into a tourist mecca with incredible eateries, bars, restaurants, and shopping all around Wrigley Field.

If you go, you can still catch balls that go over the fence during batting practice if you stand on Waveland Avenue. As you step through the gates, you’ll feel like you’re entering a time wrap and been transported back in time. With very limited advertising, the game is the thing. You can still sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” during the seventh inning stretch, and if you’re lucky, the hated Cardinals will be playing, and you’ll get to feel an electricity in the stadium that is not present otherwise.

Being in Chicago, odds are, most sports fans here have seen a Cubs game. However, if you don’t have tickets for that day, come on down to Bounce Sporting Club where you can catch every second of the game on our flat screen TVs, eat great food, such as wings, burgers, and fries, and drink a refreshing beer during a hot, muggy Chicago day. You can also head up to our Rooftop to take full advantage of the season, which is particularly nice when the weather cools in the evenings. In addition, our corporate event venues are available for rent, featuring room sizes for various party groups, from 45 up to 300. These event spaces are great for company team building parties, corporate celebrations, or private parties to watch the big game. Call now for booking availability.


Sports can bring people together like few other activities can, and when you’re looking for a great corporate event rental space, look no further than Chicago’s Bounce Sporting Club. Our mission is to offer a place where sports fans and others can gather together and unwind from their day. After all, you work hard, and it’s important to relax, decompress, and destress so you can continue to pour your everything into your work. The perfect way to do so is to visit our sports bar, watch whatever sports are playing, and enjoy.

When you gather together as a group, enjoying sports becomes even more fun. Our corporate event venues are the perfect space for you and your work colleagues to celebrate victories and hang out together. Holding up to 300 people, our spaces are cozy, comfortable, and fun, with flat screen TVs in spaces so you can see all of the action, great food and drinks, and great entertainment. From a private entrance to our Clubhouse to a DJ booth in our Field House, we have everything to meet your needs. With ample seating that is comfortable and not too close, as well as floor layouts designed to mix and mingle, our event spaces are the best in town. Stop by anytime for a drink, and call today for booking information!


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