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March Madness for Dummies

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Even if you don’t follow sports, and in particular, basketball, odds are you’ve at least heard of March Madness and have some vague idea that it is a tournament for college basketball. This, overall, is true. However, March Madness is serious business for those who love college basketball. It’s also become a big deal for those who like to play against their friends in fantasy sports. However, if you have no clue what March Madness entails or why anyone would even care, then this blog post is for you.

Bounce Sporting Club is a local sports bar and corporate event venue in Chicago. We offer dozens of flat screen TVs so you won’t miss a moment of the action when you turn to us for the March Madness games. Our comfortable seating and lounge areas make interacting easy and taking a break to relax possible. We have amazing corporate event venue spaces as well, so you can take in the games in a more intimate setting with some of your best friends and colleagues. Our food and drinks are great, and our customer service is top-notch. We want you to enjoy your time with us, relax, and enjoy the game. Below, we’ll go over what exactly is March Madness. Visit us for the next game today!


March Madness is the nickname given to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division 1 tournament process to determine the college basketball champion every year. The tournament gets its nickname from Illinois’ statewide high school basketball tournament that was referred to in 1939 as March Madness. In 1982, a CBS broadcaster started applying the term to the college tournament, and the rest is history.

This tournament began in 1939. It’s a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams that compete in seven rounds, eliminating teams along the way until the final four teams are determined (known as the Final Four). It takes place in mid-March through the beginning of April and is for both Men’s and Women’s basketball.


NCAA member schools (of which, there are over 1,000) are divided into three divisions based on school size and their budgets. This helps to even the playing field so that the larger, wealthier schools with a lot kids to choose from aren’t competing against smaller schools. A selection committee decides who are invited to be in the tournament. The schools are announced on Selection Sunday.

Thirty-two teams are guaranteed a spot based on their performance during the regular basketball season. The rest are selected by the committee. The process for selection is very methodical and controlled in order to ensure fairness. The members of the committee are locked in a hotel room for the weekend. They vote based off certain criteria, some of which includes:

  • Win/loss record
  • Wins/loss record on the road
  • Ranking in their division
  • How many wins they accumulated against higher ranking opponents
  • Their winning percentage

The decision of the selection committee is final, which, as you can bet, means a nail-biter weekend for those teams on the bubble, or on the edge, of selection.

Next, the seeding process takes place, which is also determined by the selection committee. The seeding process is regional, meaning the teams in the same region who are selected will play each other. There are usually between 16 and 18 teams in each of the four regions, making for exciting play all-around. Usually, those seeded higher are more likely to win. However, part of the charm of March Madness are those who are the Cinderellas who make it when no one else predicted so. The Final Four is comprised of the winners of the four regionals. The game venue changes every year, but it’s usually kept to a major metropolitan area.

While March Madness seems complicated, it truly isn’t once you get the hang of it. March Madness itself is pretty easy because you only have one chance to win. If you lose, you are out. And the last one standing, wins!


In the third week of March, the madness begins. The 64 teams are pared down to 32 and then to 16, who are known as the Sweet 16. Then there is a break for all involved before the next round that narrows it down to eight teams, known as the Elite Eight. It is one of these teams that will win the championship in early April when the Madness ends and waits for another year!


As you can see, March Madness is a big deal. Many people love to watch the excitement build, and if their team is one of the final teams selected, it can be almost cataclysmic.

Bounce Sporting Club is a local sports bar and corporate event venue in Chicago that offers amazing spaces for your March Madness party. While it’s great to have your team in March Madness, it is even better to celebrate with a group of people who are rooting for your team as much (or more!) than you are. There is definitely an energy in the room when your team is playing and especially when your team is winning that is hard to duplicate otherwise. When you join in a community at your local sports bar in one of their corporate event venue spaces, you’ll enjoy the game much more than if you were watching at home with only a couple of buddies.

Bounce Sporting Club offers a variety of corporate event venue options in Chicago for your March Madness party. We offer our Field House that can accommodate up to 300 guests that has over 20 flat screen TVs, a bar, and a DJ booth. Our Club House is our mid-sized corporate event venue, holding about half as many people as the Field House. It also has a private entrance through the back alley, which makes your event very exclusive. Finally, we offer our Sky Box with room for about 45 people that is completely secluded and overlooks the main floor. During the summer months, our Roof Top is open, which can hold 150 people. This is one of the most popular spaces when the Chicago sun becomes warm.

If you are looking for the perfect March Madness corporate event venue space, or you are just looking for the best sports bar to watch the games, visit Bounce Sporting Club, take a tour of our facilities, or just come and enjoy a drink after work. You never know what you might learn!

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