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Reasons to Not Skip Out On The Holiday Party

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Corporate events can sometimes be a drag, especially during the holiday season. The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year and half the time is seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, let alone go to another holiday get together. Instead of skipping out on the event that your company spent so much time planning, set aside some time to go and enjoy it. You don’t need to spend a ton of time there, but even going for an hour can bring in a multitude of benefits that you would be missing out on if you were to stay home and skip it. In this blog post, we will be going over some of the benefits that can come from attending corporate events. Keep reading to learn more! 


Establishing A Presence 

There’s the classic saying “you get what you put in,” and that is very true, especially when it comes to work. Yes, we all know that sometimes a work event isn’t on the top of your to-do list but attending work activities gives you an advantage. Even just going for an hour to show your face, can help make you known to those around you. You may finally have the chance to introduce yourself to the CEO or head of your department. When those around you start to notice you, it can have many benefits. These benefits may help boost you to promotions, land future jobs, or just continue to showcase your current role. 



One of the biggest benefits of attending your office’s corporate holiday event is that you have the chance to meet and mingle with people that you aren’t as familiar with. Making a concentrated effort to meet people from different departments can pay off in so many ways. Say goodbye to the awkward interactions in the hallways and break rooms. But more importantly, you’ll be able to collaborate with your coworkers across departments. Networking also helps keep you relevant within the company and that can help boost your relationships and work ability.


Improves Your Team Bond 

Having the opportunity to bond with your team and coworkers outside of the office can help bring you closer together. Yes, you may think that you know the people you work with but other than your typical small talk and conversations surrounded the latest company gossip, you probably don’t know them that well. Bonding with your team can help you both inside and outside of the company. For example, if you don’t usually get along with a specific person but suddenly realize that you both have the same love for a certain musical artist, it may help you connect better! For the people you do like, getting to know them better establishes strong friendships that can make your work experience significantly more enjoyable. 



Now you shouldn’t walk into the event expecting to be recognized, but corporate holiday events tend to have moments during the event where they recognize certain individuals. Many leaders in the corporation will deliver speeches that thank everyone in the company for their hard work. This recognition can highly boost the company’s overall morale. That recognition can go a long way. In fact, many people admitted to leaving their current job and seeking employment elsewhere due to a lack of recognition within their current company. Plus, you never know, you may get an individual shoutout for a particular milestone at work that you’ve hit. 


A Chance To Relax

Unfortunately, a lot of corporate holiday events are viewed as just extra office hours, but they aren’t always like that. Many companies try and create events at venues and spaces that they think their employees will enjoy, and while not every event will be your cup of tea, there’s a high chance that you’ll actually enjoy your time there. This time spent with your coworkers may be the perfect time to relax and actually get to know them outside of work. Who knows, you may even walk away with a new friend or have more to talk about than just the weather when you show up to the office on Monday. 


The holiday time can also be a time for immense stress. Not only is everyone at work busy, but most of our personal lives get a lot busier too. Taking this time to go socialize and enjoy some great food and drinks with your company can be a time for you to just relax. Give yourself that hour to just hang out and then you can go back and continue on with your day. 


Your employees are more likely to attend an event when it’s somewhere that is appealing to most everyone, which is all the more reason to host your next holiday event at Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago! Bounce Sporting Club offers you everything that you could ever need and want when it comes to holiday parties. At Bounce Sporting Club, we have multiple options to host your event in that can cater to multiple-party sizes. With stunning views of the Chicago skyline and modern lounges, your guests will be able to enjoy their time outside the office. We also offer handcrafted drinks and gourmet food that can easily be catered to multiple dietary needs. Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago is the perfect place to host your event this season. No matter if you’re going for cocktail attire or just want to simply kick back and enjoy a drink with your coworkers, Bounce Sporting Club Chicago offers casual yet professional aesthetics that can be dressed up or down. Connect with us today to book your reservation!

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