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Making The Party Planning Easier

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Holiday parties can be such a fun experience but they can also be a bit of a stressor. Holiday parties, especially for the office can bring so many incredible benefits for your company and its employees. Check out our last blog post to learn more about how holiday parties can boost your company’s culture. While there are so many benefits, these benefits can only happen when office parties are done in the correct way, which is what we will be discussing today. 


As a company, you may be thinking about client gifts and depending on the size of your company this may be a daunting task when it comes to money. However,  throwing your company a holiday party can be the ultimate gift for your employees. It can be fun and exciting, and with a bit of creativity, you can meet the expectations of your company and even be able to give yourself some time to relax at the party too. In this blog post we will be discussing how to properly throw the best corporate event for your office during this holiday season. Keep reading to learn more! 


Starting off, every office and business is different, which means that there is no particular right or wrong way to tackle this event planning. At the end of the day, you know your company the best, so you know what will work, but hopefully with these helpful tips, the planning period can be a bit less stressful. 


Start Early 

If you’ve ever planned an event, you know that the earlier you plan, the better. Thankfully, it’s only October so you still have time to plan an incredible event, but make sure to start quickly because event spaces and activities will fill up. Planning early also allows you to have a larger pick of where and what you’re doing for this company party, so you won’t be settling for anything or paying extra, which can happen if you wait too long to book an event. December comes sooner than you think, so just remember, the earlier you start, the more options you will have and in this case less is not more! 


Find Out People’s Interests 

Once again, you know your company best and can probably sense what would be a good fit and what would not, but you can never have too much information. Yes, you won’t be able to please everyone, however it may be beneficial to send out some type of survey to see what people would be interested in. Holiday parties are also usually attended by more than just your employees. Usually some type of plus one is included and you may even have people who are bringing their children, so whatever you’re doing you want to make sure that it is appropriate for the entire family.


Decide When To Hold The Event

December can be a hectic time for everyone, which means that not everyone will be able to attend. Typically, if you plan your event for early December you’ll have more people show up than if you were to schedule it closer to the holidays. Many people travel or have other holiday plans later in the month, so if you want to make sure that the majority of the company is involved, scheduling it early is your best bet. You’re also less likely to have people skip out of the event if its earlier. Many people start to feel burnt out and may be exhausted later on in the month. 


Due to the craziness that the holiday season can bring, you may also find that people don’t have time to attend a huge gala-like event on the weekend. You may find it more productive to host your event right after work hours, or even schedule it into the day. No matter if your event is fancier or going for a more casual aesthetic, planning it into the day may be your best option. 


Plan The Activity

Once you’ve figured out how many people are coming, if there are going to be children, and any other factors, you can now figure out what type of activity. Are you going to be showcasing local artists, hosting a dinner, having a bar? The possibilities are endless. But, label everything that you want to be included and go from there. Unless you’re planning on covering the travel costs or you’re prepared to hear the complaints, try and plan your event somewhere that is relatively close to your office. Chances are, if it’s close to work, people will be willing to commute there. Check your local area and see if any companies would be willing to put together anything too. Many companies are willing to help in return for some free advertising, which can be as simple as a post on Instagram or handing out business cards. You might also want to make sure that it’s close to other places like local bars and restaurants, in case some want to continue the fun afterwards. 


Rent A Space 

Once you’ve got everything together, you’re now ready to hire a party space. You will want to make sure that you’re getting a big enough room so you won’t be breaking any fire codes. You may want to find a room that is slightly bigger than the number of people you are expecting just because you may have more people show up than expected. People will also be going in and out too, so you want to make sure that you’re guests are comfortable. If you’re going with a theme, you’ll want to make sure that your space is okay with you decorating. Make sure there is enough room for tables and chairs, you don’t want your space to be cramped. 


Once again, you won’t be able to make everyone happy but holding your corporate holiday event at Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago, is a pretty close guarantee that you can. At Bounce Sporting Club we have multiple options to host your event in that can cater to multiple-party sizes. With stunning views of the Chicago skyline and modern lounges, your guests will be able to enjoy their time outside the office. We also offer handcrafted drinks and gourmet food that can easily be catered to multiple dietary needs. Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago is the perfect place to host your event this season. No matter if you’re going for cocktail attire or just want to simply kick back and enjoy a drink with your coworkers, Bounce Sporting Club Chicago offers casual yet professional aesthetics that can be dressed up or down. Connect with us today to book your reservation!

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