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Improving Your Company’s Culture This Holiday Season

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They call it the most wonderful time of the year, and for good reason! With all that delicious food, cheer, and quality time spent with the ones that you love most, it’s no wonder why there is so much hype around the holidays. But with all that hustle and bustle, it can almost seem impossible to round up everyone and schedule just one more holiday event. This can be the reason that many people decide to skip out on their own holiday planning. However, holiday parties, especially corporate holiday parties, can bring so many benefits when it comes to the company culture. In this blog post, we will be discussing how company culture can improve all by throwing a holiday get together. Keep reading to learn more! 


Starting off, what is company culture? Company culture is the personality that an organization gives off. This can stem from factors like the work environment, management style, expectations, office design, company values, ethics, mission, and so much more. Every single company has a culture, and some companies are more vocal about expressing that culture than others, but nonetheless your office has some type of culture to it. Some companies adopt a casual, team oriented atmosphere. These businesses may have more of an informal, open-floor design with employee workspaces grouped closely together. In these businesses, the office dress code is usually pretty laid back, too. Other companies may have established a very formal and strict culture. For example, employees may all have their own offices or enclosed spaces. The relationships employees have with each other probably meets more of a tier hierarchy, and the dress code for these offices is usually much stricter. 


Why Does Culture Matter?

It’s important to understand that businesses can thrive in all types of cultures, as long as the employees are a good fit for that culture. Some people may thrive in a relaxed environment, while others may want more of a typical hierarchy when it comes to the workplace. Different cultures may also attract different types of clients. Ultimately, its up to the leaders of the company to decide what type of culture that they want to implement that fits best into their visions for the business. 


The reputation of a company can also be closely related back to its culture. Potential employees will choose to apply for and accept positions (or not) based off  what they are inferring about the company’s culture. Your culture also affects the retention within the company. Obviously, employees who are unsatisfied with their work culture are more likely to consider applying for other jobs elsewhere than those who are satisfied. 


Like we mentioned earlier, your company already has a culture whether you’ve spent a lot of time deciding that culture. No matter if your company needs a boost when it comes to the culture, throwing a well-done holiday office party can do wonders for your company. 


How Can It Improve? 


Gives You A Chance To Implement The Wanted Culture 

Holiday office parties can provide your company’s leaders a chance to reinforce their ideal company culture in a fun, lighthearted, and rewarding way. No matter if you’re trying to create more of a formal traditional or laid-back culture, planning a party that reflects that can help implement that culture without having to say much. For example, if you want to implement something formal, planning an event that has a black tie dress code at a fancy hotel may be the way to go. But, if you want something to make your event reflect a more casual note, a rooftop bar might be the way to go for that. Tying a fun theme into your office party can also be a great way to help improve any changes that you’re trying to make, too. Just remember you won’t be able to change the culture overnight though. It does take some time! 


Unites The Office 

It’s very easy for cliques to form within the office, especially if your company’s various teams don’t intermingle much with each other. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact it’s pretty natural, but throwing an office party allows your employees to feel more tied together. We all tend to naturally flock towards those that we are comfortable around, aka our closet coworkers, but it’s important to make sure that your employees have the time to interact with one another. If you want to throw an event that boosts this, choose a space that is big enough for everyone to fit in that also allows everyone to feel welcome to attend the party and interact with those in different teams.


Provides Opportunity For Recognition

One of the biggest reasons that people get burnt out of their job or decide to seek employment elsewhere is the lack of employee recognition. Of course, you can’t be given a gold star for doing the basics of your job, but recognition from others can go farther than you think. As a company, it’s important to recognize the people that continually show up for your business and do their best day in and day out. Even recognizing team-based efforts goes a long way. Throwing a great company event can be a wonderful way to recognize the work that your employees have put in. Your employees give so much, and it’s important that the company gives back to them.


Boosts Morale 

At the end of the year, it can seem like everyone may be feeling a tad bit exhausted. This exhaustion can come from work, but also just the normal day to day living and life outside of work. Holiday parties are an opportunity to reinvigorate employees and remind them of the reasons for why they chose to work for your company. This allows your employees to come to work and head into the new year with that sense of refreshment. 


Allows Your Company To Mingle With Higher-Ups

Depending on the size of your company, it’s normal for your employees to either lack interaction or have never even met the upper members of your company. If you want your corporate culture to include a sense of company trust, which most people do, it’s important for employees to have opportunities to interact and build rapport with their leaders. Holiday corporate events allow that chance for employees to meet and get to know their leaders away from the pressures that can come from interactions within the office. Getting to know someone personally creates a stronger sense of trust, and corporate events are the perfect place to do this. 


No matter what type of culture that you’re looking to establish, Bounce Sporting Club is one of the best places to host your holiday party at. At Bounce Sporting Club, we create the perfect environment that allows a sense of relaxation with that touch of class and professionalism. Your employees will be able to let their hair down and actually enjoy their time outside of the office building. With handcrafted drinks, gourmet food, and incredible views of the Chicago skyline, what more could you want? Connect with us today to reserve your spot! We have multiple rooms that are all set to host both smaller and larger parties. Give your employees the event they deserve at Bounce Sporting Club Chicago. We can’t wait to have you!

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