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Enjoy The Food Without The Consequences

By September 6, 2019 No Comments
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It’s almost that time of year! The holiday party season is right around the corner, and it’s going to creep up on you sooner than you think. While the holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect with friends and family, it can also stir up some anxiety and nervous feelings towards all the food. The holidays are usually surrounded around delicious foods that aren’t healthy. And while you should remember that it’s okay to celebrate, it can be easy to slip into a food coma caused by excess gravy and cookies. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of our favorite ways to help you still enjoy the holiday season without ditching all the hard work you’ve previously put into living a healthy lifestyle. 


Eat Before 

While the holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy food that’s provided by others, it’s easy to go into holiday parties with the mindset that you’re saving your calories for this party. If you do go in with this mindset, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the wonderful smells that are wafting your way. When you’re hungry it can be easy to go for the first food items you see, and you might even find yourself reaching for a dish that you don’t even like, but because you’re so hungry, you go for it anyways. Don’t let your hunger hormones take over, but instead eat a light snack before the party. By eating something healthy before, you’ll be less likely to go into binge mode, and you’ll be able to pick and choose what foods you actually want to indulge in. It’s also helpful to drink a full glass of water before you go to the party. These things will help you feel fuller and keep you away from mindlessly eating whatever is provided. 


Offer to Bring A Dish

If you’re going to a holiday party where you bring your own dish, bring a healthier alternative. Not only will your host appreciate the extra help, but it will also help you stay in control of what you’re eating. Just because you’re bringing something that’s “healthy” doesn’t mean that it has to be bland either. There are plenty of healthier alternatives that are still delicious. Even if it means you’re swapping out lard for coconut oil or subbing organic applesauce into a dish, everything counts. Try cauliflower buffalo wings or a homemade hummus dish! Try finding some recipes that are heart-healthy and don’t involve a ton of sugar. We promise that it is easier than you think! 


Divide Your Plate 

When filling up your plate with delicious foods, make sure that you’re mindful of what you’re grabbing. To start off, only take what you’re going to eat because first off, you can’t put that food back, and secondly, you don’t want to waste food. Wasting food can count as you mindlessly consuming it or not eating it and having to throw it out. Try and divide up your plate with some healthier alternatives. There’s almost always a veggie tray at every party, so get some crunchy carrots or celery. Choosing foods that you spend more time chewing will also help you stay fuller and satisfied for longer. 


Portion Control

Portion control is huge during the holiday party season. Of course, eat what you want but think about what portions you’re grabbing. Portion control goes hand in hand with eating beforehand since when we’re hungry we tend to overcompensate. We’ve all been there before where it seems as if we can’t even control what we grab and what we’re chewing until it’s over, and you suddenly realize you’ve consumed 12 cookies. Sure, sometimes that’s what’s necessary, but make sure you’re not doing it at every party. Try taking smaller portions; that way, you’ll be able to enjoy what you want! 


Think About Where You Stand/Sit

If you’re trying to sustain a healthy diet during the holiday season, it might be a good idea to position yourself away from the food table. That way when the conversation lulls, you’re not tempted to grab another cake pop. Socializing away from the area where the food helps keep your mind off the food and can also make you focus on the food that’s in front of you. Now, you might not exactly have a choice when it comes to your sitting or standing position, but even if you’re sat next to the food, try turning your back to it, and then it’s out of sight, out of mind! 


Eat Your Food Slowly

You’ve probably heard it from your mother but chew slower! Chewing your food slower, or eating with your non-dominant hand can help you take smaller bites. When you chew slower or take smaller bites it helps become more mindful of the food that you’re eating. It also helps eliminate the stares that might come from people if you’re inhaling your food. This is especially important if you’re at a corporate event. It’s a win-win. You’re coming off polite and not overeating, and no one needs to know that you’re just trying to be healthy. They’ll just think you’re being extremely polite and professional, which is great too. 


Avoid Drinking Your Calories 

Liquid calories are sneaky and can add up very quickly. During the holiday season, it’s not just the food that you should look out for, but it’s the drinks! We love a mulled wine or a hot toddy, but those calories and sugars can add up! Of course, you can enjoy a glass or two, but just be mindful. Also, think about what type of glass you’re using too. Instead of using a short wide class, try using a tall skinny glass. 


The bottom line is, enjoy your holiday season party, but just be mindful of what you’re eating. Remember that the holidays are a time to enjoy friends and family, and while the temptation to overindulge may be there, with a little planning you won’t have to make your New Year’s resolution to hit the gym harder. 


Another way to give yourself a great holiday party is to schedule your next corporate event at Bounce Sporting Club. At Bounce Sporting Club, we have everything you need to throw a great holiday event. With gourmet food, hand-crafted beverages, and rooftop views our venue is the best place to let your employees relax and enjoy their night! We also have plenty of options from vegetarian and low-calorie options that can keep your guests eating healthy and happy! Contact us now to book your holiday party with us! 

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