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The Importance of Corporate Events When it Comes to Employee Wellness

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Health and wellness have become a huge trend lately, and for good reason. Over the past year, we’ve seen so many companies start to highlight the importance of self-care both physically and mentally. There’s been so much research that continues to show that companies that promote healthy habits towards their employees, no matter what it is, have more productive and positive workspaces. Corporate events are one of the best ways to help promote a happy and healthy culture in your workspace. At Bounce Sporting Club, we know that your employees work hard, which means they should be able to play equally as hard, which is why we offer incredible corporate event spaces that are guaranteed to boost the wellness of your company. Not only do we offer a variety of food and beverages that are catered towards multiple dietary needs, but we also offer a space that your employees will actually want to be in. Say goodbye to the awkward work mixers that take place in a subpar location, and say hello to beautiful modern spaces with incredible views of the city. You and your employees deserve to be treated like royalty, and we do just that. In this blog article, we’ll be discussing some of the benefits that come with promoting employee wellness, aka why hosting a great corporate event is worth the investment. 

Hosting Events That Boost Employee Wellness Can Inspire Important Behavior Changes 

We all know that it takes time to form a habit — 21 days to be exact — and this is no different from any type of behavior change, especially when it comes to working habits. While you’re most likely a different person in the workplace than you are at home, and trust us, this isn’t a bad thing, but giving your employees a time where they can focus on work in a positive way can inspire improved behavior. Hosting an event that people actually look forward to can also improve the mindset your employees may have. Giving them something they can look forward to will have an associated effect that can inspire happier and positive employees that can lead to greater improvement in the office. 


Employees Who Participate In Hosted Events Are More Productive 

Similarly to what we mentioned above, employees who are more involved in their companies and attend work events are more productive in the workplace. One study showed that Employees that are more regularly involved in their job regained an average of 10.3 hours in additional productivity All of this productivity can annually save your company an average of almost $400 per person each year in productivity costs. It was also shown that those who are more involved in the activities and corporate events that their companies provided have a significantly reduced amount of average sick leaves, health plans, worker’s compensation, and disability insurance by about 25%. 


Employees Who Are More Active In Their Company Are Healthier 

Corporate events, especially those that inspire and encourage team building can improve the overall health and wellbeing of the entire workforce. If you work in a job that is mildly sedentary and remote, having the opportunity to get up, go somewhere, and then socially interact with your coworkers can help promote physical activity and mental stimulation, which has a huge impact on the health of a person. Some health sources are saying that physical inactivity that stems from people’s jobs can be even more dangerous and costly when it comes to your health than smoking. Even going to an event for one hour can help mediate the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and can lower your risk of both physical and mental problems that can follow as a result of this. 

Employees Who Are Involved Can Lower Health Costs For Their Company

Time is money, and the less time your employees are spending when it comes to sickness can ultimately save them money and their company money. When you host events that promote wellbeing, it can lower the health costs that benefit both the employer and employee. If health costs are lower, employers may pass a smaller percentage of that bill on to the workers. In a case study of larger companies, total medical spending at a company with events that targeted employee wellness experienced slower growth in health costs than companies without these events. There were reductions in chronic disease risk factors, and annual savings per employee were about $565 and produced a return on investment which was equal to around $2-$4 saved per dollar spent on the event.

Once again, at Bounce Sporting Club we want to help you promote corporate wellbeing with an incredible corporate event that is hosted by us. Let us help your employees relax with delicious food and drink while enjoying the beautiful views of the Chicago skyline. We have large private rooms and are guaranteed to be able to host your event no matter the size of your company. If you’re looking to create an event that can help boost the wellbeing of your company, look no further than here. We promise that your employees will leave your event feeling happier, which will directly translate into the culture of your office. Happy employees make for a happy and healthy workforce. Call us today to schedule an event with us, we can’t wait to have you! 


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