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The Best Corporate Event Venues in Chicago

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It’s no shocker that corporate events can have a bad reputation. Let’s be honest, no one really wants to spend their free time engaging in small talk with Brad from accounting while drinking a subpar glass of wine. Of course, this visual image we just created for you isn’t how all corporate events are, but there’s a reason that many people aren’t as eager to RSVP to their company’s sponsored events. 


If you live in Chicago, you know that there is no shortage of exciting things to do in this famous city. So why not incorporate that into your company’s lifestyle? Skip out on the boring business parties and corporate events and turn them into events that people will actually want to attend. From elegant skyscraper views to trendy modern spaces, today we’re going to look at some of the best venues for corporate events in Chicago, whether you’re a small startup or a large commercial business we guarantee all your employees will be talking about how great your event was! 


The Up Room 

The Up Room is located in The Roby Hotel located in the Art Deco Northwest Tower. This hotel has multiple event spaces but The Up Room offers a unique, intimate experience that your employees are sure to be talking about for weeks to come. This room offers a modern combination of both a business room and cocktail lounge. While it is located on the 13th floor of the hotel (we hope your employees aren’t superstitious), it has incredible views of the Chicago skyline due to it floor to ceiling windows. The interior is warmly lit with dark wood furnishings and a full cocktail bar. This space provides the perfect setting for your employees to network while in an environment that isn’t as intimidating as other event venues may be. 


Read/Write Library

Located in the East Village, the Read/Write Library is a fun venue that is lined with bookshelves and reading rooms that can be easily adapted to hosting events. If you’re looking for a space that gives a vintage feel with its brick walls and fireplaces, this event space is perfect if you’re also looking to give back to the community, and honestly, who isn’t? The rental fees for this corporate event venue all go back to the library which is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 


The Guild Room

If your company is hosting any type of lecture guest speaker, the Guild Room is the perfect option for you. Located in the Chicago History Museum in Lincoln Park, the Guild Room can host up to 50 guests. This room may be a slightly smaller space, but with it Georgian architecture, high ceilings, and large windows, it offers a new modern design that will have your guests gawking at its beautiful views of Lincoln Park. 


The Greenhouse Loft 

The Greenhouse Loft was restored and re-purposed from an old manufacturing facility and turned into an urban sustainable venue perfect for your corporate event. This loft features hardwood floors, refurbished vintage furniture, and beautiful windows. It is also one of the most sustainable meeting venues with full LEED Platinum certifications. This event space is perfect for corporate meetings, workshops, fundraisers, and corporate parties. 


Bounce Sporting Club

If your company is looking for a more vibrant upscale atmosphere to host their company event at, look no further than Bounce Sporting Club. Located in the heart of Chicago and on the border of McKinley Park, Bounce Sporting Club is the perfect event space that your employees will actually want to go to. With rooftop views of Chicago, gourmet food, and a wide variety of drink specials, this space gives you the upscale vibe you want when conducting business with the casual twist of a sports bar to help your employees to relax and actually enjoy their time.  With private rooms available for all party sizes, 30 TVs, and high-quality sound systems, you have everything you need and more to entertain your guests.


No one wants to give their company a lame work party, but with these venues, your company will be talking about it for weeks to come. Be sure to contact us today and reserve your space. At Bounce Sporting Club, we can’t wait to give your company the corporate event space of their dreams! 


Bounce Sporting Club

About Bounce Sporting Club

Bounce Sporting Club provides a unique food, drink, and social experience at all of our New York City and Chicago locations, raising the bar for social venues in the US. Contact your local Bounce Sporting Club for reservations and event planning assistance today.

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