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Why Watching a Game at a Chicago Bar is Better

By June 21, 2019 June 24th, 2019 No Comments
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Nothing beats watching a game right at the sidelines, but chances are most of us aren’t doing that. And while going to a game in person can be a fun experience, it can also be a big hassle. Having to plan everything from the cost of tickets, transportation, parking fees, food, booze, and god forbid you want to buy some type of jersey there, it can be such a big excursion. So we’re here to tell you why watching a game at a bar, and especially at Bounce Sporting Club Chicago, is better.

The View

Unless you’re Beyonce and Jay-Z you’re probably not sitting courtside for every game. Courtside or sideline tickets can be hundreds of dollars and if you’re like us normal people, you might splurge on a game here and there but we’re probably opting for the seats that are a bit less expensive. Let the TV networks do the hard work and you can just sit back and enjoy the view, with all the replays and slo-mo plays you could ever want. Give your eyes a break from squinting while trying to make out what’s going on, we promise our views are the best ones as far as bars go.

The Weather

Weather in Chicago can be unpredictable, and why let yourself get rained, snowed, or winded out of a game? By viewing your favorite team inside a sports bar, you’ll be able to catch every play no matter what’s going on outside. No more bundling up for winter weather or leaving with uncomfortable sunburns, you can dress comfortably in your favorite team gear inside during all seasons at a bar.

The Booze

Here’s the deal, chances are you’re not going to find the wide variety of drinks that we have at our Chicago locations at any type of stadium. Yeah, sure there’s beer and maybe some type of margarita stand but after paying an arm and a leg for some middle-tier beer that’s spilled at least half way out after having to bump your way back to your seat, you could have a cold refreshing cocktail brought to you personally at Bounce.  

The Food

Just like we mentioned above, no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for a small hot dog that you could finish in one bite. Take the heat lamps and mediocre tasting food out of the equation for game days, and instead indulge in handmade fresh food. Take a look at our Chicago menu, we promise your food will be anything but average.

The Service

There’s nothing like having to get up because you’re either hungry or thirsty, and then missing the most exciting play of the night because you were waiting in line. When you’re watching a game at a bar you’ll never have to miss anything because they will bring everything to you! You’ll feel like royalty getting your favorite burger and beer combo delivered right to your table. Let us take care of you, and you just sit back and enjoy the game.

The Cost

So once again, by the time you’ve added up all the costs that can go into going to a game, it could be at least 100$ per person. For all that money, you could live like a king at a sports bar. Between food and drinks, and no ticket charge, you’re definitely going to get more bang for your buck here. Treat yourself and your friends to a great day out without breaking the bank. After all, it’s the responsible thing to do right?

At Bounce Sporting Club Chicago, we believe that your game day experience should be anything but ordinary. Let our exceptional service and gameday views speak for themselves, you won’t be disappointed! Click here to reserve a space or just stop by and we will get you set up right away. We can’t wait to see you!

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