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What it Takes to Become a Great Bartender

By June 14, 2019 June 24th, 2019 No Comments
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Whenever you go out, whether it be for a few drinks or a night on the town, having a great bartender can make your night perfect. Bartending may seem like an easy skill, but it takes much more than just a basic knowledge of what mixes well together. We’ve compiled a list of the top aspects of what makes a great bartender and at Bounce Sporting Club, we have hired only the best of the best and can promise that our bartenders will give you the best experience possible.


  1. Knowledge of Drinks: It really does take a lot of skill to know which flavors go together and which do not. While bartenders should know how to make the most common drinks like long islands, cosmopolitans, and martinis, a great bartender is someone who can come up with a delicious concoction on the spot. This is also a great skill when speaking with a customer who may not know exactly what they want to order, but if they tell the bartender what flavors they like, the bartender can then whip them up something they’re sure to love.
  2. Attentiveness. A great bartender should stay on top of everything. Especially during peak bar hours, it’s important not only for them, but also for the customers. that everything needs to be neat and orderly. It’s also important that they stay in communication with their customers and are aware of who needs their drinks to be refilled. No one likes having to wait for their drink, especially if the bar is hosting some type of corporate event or party.
  3. A Fun Personality. Let’s be honest, no one wants to have to interact with someone who’s rude. The most successful bartenders are ones that have friendly and bubbly personalities.Connecting with customers is very important, especially when it comes to creating repeat customers. People will remember the time that they had a friendly bartender, and that can make or break someone’s entire evening experience.
  4. A Great Memory. A great bartender will have a great memory. Remembering things like a regular customer’s go-to drink order, recipes for new drinks on the menu, and even what their current customers are drinking can all go a long way.
  5. Never stop learning. While some people prefer to keep things the old fashioned (get it?) way, great bartenders never stop learning. The bar business is something that will continue to grow and evolve just as cultural trends grow. It’s important to have a wide repertoire of skills that can be pulled out for any type of customer that may walk in.

No matter how your night ends up going, a great bartender is something that can make or break your night. At Bounce Sporting Club we pride ourselves in giving our guests the best experience possible, and that means that we’ve hired the best bartenders. All of our bartenders are highly experienced and are ready to serve you no matter if you’re out on the town with a few friends or hosting a large corporate event. They’ve got you covered! Come visit us at either our Chicago or New York location, and let us show you how great our bartenders are!

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