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What Makes for A Great Corporate Event

By May 28, 2019 June 24th, 2019 No Comments
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Whenever someone hears the term “corporate event”, it’s not always put in the most positive mind space. Corporate events get a bad reputation but here at Bounce Sporting Club, we’re here to change that once and for all. Give your company an event at a space that they will actually remember and want to return to. With two locations in Chicago and New York City, Bounce Sporting Club is guaranteed to give you and your employees an event that they will actually want to go to.

So many times, business events can be stale and boring. They lack any type of fun and people are usually there because they feel obligated to. Creating an event can be stressful and overwhelming but we’re here to make it easy!

Food and Drink

At Bounce Sporting Club, your company is sure to have an incredible time filled with great food and great drinks. The menu at a corporate event is one of the most important aspects, it can either make or break an event. At both locations (New York and Chicago), we have completely different menus, allowing you and your guests to never have to choose the same option twice. We also cater to multiple dietary needs and offer options with vegetarian and vegan options, and easily customization meals. With drink menus covering all varieties of wine, beer, and other spirits, you can be assured your guests will find something they love.


In order to create a successful event, the right atmosphere is crucial. You want to give your employees a space where they feel comfortable and at ease. No one wants to go to a work event and feel like they’re still at work. Bounce Sporting Club allows for an easy relaxed atmosphere that still gives a sense of luxury. With room for large parties, lounge areas, and private rooms, you’re guaranteed to find a space best suited to your needs. Having your company event at a sporting bar, it allows your employees to relax and all come together with a common ground.


Now, you don’t need to have a full-blown circus in order to create an incredible corporate event, but you are going to want to make sure your guests are decently entertained. No one wants to make small talk about the weather or about what Jim from billing proposed at the last meeting. The key is to keep your guests entertained so that they almost forget that they’re at a work event. Entertainment with something like sports is a huge common ground for many people. You don’t even really need any prior knowledge about anything sports related in order to join in conversations. It’s even a great icebreaker that could lead to employees being able to network and plan future company events. Bounce Sporting Club gives the perfect balance of being able to sit down and relax while also offering the more outgoing employees the opportunity to get up and interact more.

There are so many more aspects that make for a great corporate event, but these are the top three that we recommend. To those event planning, we understand it can be hard to give your employees an event that they all will want to attend. But at Bounce Sporting Club, you are guaranteed to create a space that feels both professional and relaxed. Let us take care of you, so you can sit back and enjoy. Come visit us and reserve a spot at either our New York or Chicago location. We can’t wait to give you the best corporate event you’ve ever had.  


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