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All right everyone, it’s 2019 and we’re still debating whether or not it is “appropriate” to drink at a corporate event. Regardless if you’re for or against it, your drink of choice does say some things about you.

Of course, it depends on the type of private function that you’re attending but chances are if your somewhere like a cool sports bar, the rules change a little bit. If you’re at a fancy wine club, ignore this list completely.

Let’s start with this simple rule: the best type of drink to get is something that can’t (or shouldn’t) be chugged. You’re at a work party with your coworkers, not at an alumni fraternity event at your alma mater. Keep it classy everyone.

Wine: This one is always a good go-to. While it does lack some creative imagination and screams “I don’t get out much because I’m ordering wine at a sports bar,” it’s a safe choice. You’ll most likely see the moms in the company ordering this. Someone named Shelby or Linda is definitely asking the bartender what their house pinot is while texting their kids to take the chicken out of the freezer for dinner tomorrow.

Beer: Another great safe place to start. Beer at a sports bar is a great neutral option to seem both fun but responsible at a work party. It’s also a great option because you can have about three of these before anyone starts to questions if you’re “too drunk.” Just don’t be that guy who’s asking 85 questions about the bars best craft IPA. Overall, beer is probably the best bet. It does give a certain look to want to “hang with the boys” though. Pick your battles right?

Champagne: Let’s be honest, it’s a little weird to drink champagne at more of a casual type of corporate event. Like, who are you trying to be or impress with that flute of champagne? It’s also going to be a total bear of a hangover if you happen to have a glass too many. How about this rule: if it’s not ordered for you by someone higher up, just don’t order it. It looks weird.

Any Spiked Seltzer: This drink is the drink for that person who lets everyone know that they eat healthy. “I’m just trying to workout and eat healthy right now” is probably something frequently overheard when there’s doughnuts in the break room. It’s most likely that girl in the office who’s talking about the great workout she did last night, while unpacking her lunch that was in a Lululemon bag. Thanks Ashley, but we really don’t care. She’s bringing salads for lunch but is actually dreaming of buffalo chicken wings drowned in ranch. They’re also probably someone fresh out of college. But hey, at least she’s not the gym bro that carries his full gallon of water around the office right?

Colored Drinks: We’re talking about your mixed fruity drinks, something that’s probably more on the “cocktail” section of the menu. While there is nothing wrong with a solid vodka cranberry or a screwdriver, it might make you look a little high maintenance. Good for you, get your daily dose of vitamins but you look a little extra doing it. You also shouldn’t try and chat up the men that are watching the game, and try and pretend you know anything about the team playing. Your appletini tells them enough.

Whiskey/Bourbon: Nothing like sticking with the classics. Who doesn’t love a good dark liquor drink? Now there are two roads that this drink can take, and it depends on what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing something a little bit nicer, like slacks and a button up, its classy. You’re probably someone that’s more of an executive in the company, and you’re obviously wearing some type of nice watch that your wife got you for Christmas, but on your credit card. However, if you’re wearing anything else, especially jeans and a t-shirt, you might as well be wearing a cowboy hat. How many country songs do we hear about “sipping whiskey in a ball cap?” They’re infinite. So you’ve either got the horses in the back, or you’re leaving the corporate event in your Lexus. There’s no in-between, sorry!

Rum and Coke: Sure, it’s the drink of choice for some people and in certain areas it’s more of an actual thing. However, you’re mixing soda with rum, which is exactly what your younger brother did at prom this last spring. To be honest, might want to avoid this one.

Shots: Really? We don’t need to go over this one. Don’t be an idiot.

While there are many drinks to choose from, and we hope you choose wisely, let us host your next corporate event! Contact us today, and lets get a private function set up in either New York or Chicago! We can’t wait to see which drink you choose!

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