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How To Arrange A Corporate Event To Boost Employee Morale

By May 15, 2019 May 23rd, 2019 No Comments
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Employee morale is one of the most important aspects within a business. It can either take your company to new heights or drastically break your entire organization. Research has proven that companies with higher levels of morale have turned out to be more productive in their work environment, which then transfers over to the entire growth of the company. On the flip side, companies with lower employee satisfaction then reduce the amount of productivity and growth. This then proves the point that companies need to do whatever they can do to boost the happiness and satisfaction of their workers. Ever heard the term “happy wife, happy life”, well the exact same term applies here! Happy employees, happy life. Well, does not have the exact same ring to it, but you get the idea.


Planning a corporate event for your company can be difficult. What type of event will everyone like? Are we going to be able to cover the cost of this event? Will people actually show up? There is a ton of planning that goes into these types of events, but if the event is chosen wisely it could be the exact dosage of fun that could take your employees happiness from a two to a full ten.   


Start with choosing an event that is more upbeat and interactive. Let the employees be able to interact with each other without the pressure of the work environment surrounding them. Choosing an activity based event will not only boost the levels of happiness but will also help your employees feel more connected to one another. This, in turn, can boost company spirit. Any type of physical activity event will also let your employees blow off any stress that might have built up from the work week.


Next, being to start planning where the event is going to take place. Make sure that the event is relatively close to the workplace. Stick to locations that are about 5-10 minutes from the office. If the event location is even 15-20 minutes away, that will decline the amount of people that actually show up. The date of the event is important too, try to avoid any religious holidays or days that people may be spending time with their families. Depending on the type of event chosen, you may want to avoid planning this event on the weekend. Since weekends the majority of the off time your employees get, they may already have plans for their weekend and therefore not show up.


When it comes down to the actual event and what is going to take place, make sure there is a set activity for the employees to engage in. Of course, there should be time for them to interact naturally but there still should be some structure of what is going to be happening. This also avoids the awkward hang out phase that could take place. Employees will come back from the event and have stories to tell and talk about the next day, which will then encourage more employees to want to join the fun next time.

Remember, your event is only considered successful when your employees get a real break from their duties. Yes, it’s a work event, but there shouldn’t be any type of training or lecture going on at the event. You want to make your employees feel appreciated and valued during this time. A company is only as happy as its unhappiest employees.


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Bounce Sporting Club is a 4,000 square feet venue that can accommodate up to 295 guests. Centrally located in the Flatiron District— Bounce is the perfect venue for events.

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