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5 Drinks that Best Describe the Chicago Blackhawks

two hockey players standing around a puck on the ice

The wait is finally over. Hockey season is now fully upon us, and in the great city of Chicago, that only means one thing: it’s Blackhawk season. Even if you’re not the biggest hockey fan in the world, if you’re in Chicago, you rock with the ‘Hawks. From the ice under the skates to the ice in your glass, Bounce has you covered this season. We know not just any old cocktail is going to satisfy the thirst of a Blackhawks fan, and that’s why we make all of our handcrafted cocktails with that in mind. By embodying what the Blackhawks represent in our drinks, we make every patron feel like the champion they truly are. Read on to find out more about our Chicago specialties.

Chicago Sour

What would the Blackhawks be without Chicago? Still a pretty great hockey team, but with a more questionable fan base. With that in mind, pay homage to the Windy City when you order our very own Chicago Sour. Made with Knob Creek rye whiskey, a red wine and sage elixir, Aperol liqueur, and lemon juice for a twist of tartness, this modernized classic packs a punch. Mixing red wine with rye whiskey may not seem like it works together, but the two work in such a tandem that it belongs on everybody’s first line!

Raging Bull

Our handcrafted Raging Bull should be a cornerstone when it comes to starting your night off right. This Bounce specialty is jam-packed with mezcal, lime juice, agave, tajin to give it a kick, and topped off with energizing Red Bull orange edition to give YOU a kick. There’s a reason we call this drink the Raging Bull. It may not sound like much at first, but it’s sure to come after you harder than Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews on a fast break.

Old Fashioned

When it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks, tradition runs deep in their veins. Part of the “original six”, the Blackhawks were one of the first NHL teams dating all the way back to 1926. Since then, they’ve led the city of Chicago to 6 Stanley Cups, 13 Stanley Cup appearances, and several generations of Blackhawk pride. It’s because of the team’s commitment to the city, dedication to a winning culture, and the joy they’ve brought to the Chicago, that we toast them with the classical fare of an Old Fashioned. Our take on this staple drink includes Makers Mark bourbon, Angostura bitters, and Angostura orange bitters. Toast to history with an ol’ fashioned Old Fashioned.

Windy City

If you’ve been a Blackhawks fan for more than five years, then you most likely know about Patrick Kane’s notorious off the ice antics, and he liked to think that there was no better place to celebrate than Chicago. Kane was no stranger to the party scene of the windy city in his younger days, so we decided to dedicate this drink to his love of Chicago: the Windy City. Bombay dry gin cascades and mixes perfectly with a honey butterfly petal, lemon juice, and an elderflower rose float to sweeten things up just a bit. This crafty concoction will have you partying like Patrick Kane circa 2013 in no time.

Smokin’ Kisses

Hockey is an artful sport that comes complete with ice skating, fancy stick work, graceful movements, and the most beautiful and intricate piece of it all: fighting. When the chirping peaks and the gloves drop, that’s when the real fun begins and the players and the fans both get riled up. We like to think of a punch from an ice enforcer as a kiss to the other team. A smokin’ kiss, if you will. So, we present to you the Smokin’ Kisses cocktail, made with Sombra Mezcal, cinnamon, chili tincture, grapefruit juice, and lime juice to make a kicking cocktail. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fight(s)!

Best Bar to Watch the Blackhawks in Chicago

Chicago’s such a great city that even New Jersey native Frank Sinatra had to write a song about it, so naturally, it’s the best place to watch the Blackhawks do what they do best: win games. With all of the bars sprawled throughout the city, it can be tough finding the right one, but Bounce Sporting Club stands tall above the rest. With premium handcrafted cocktails, delicious food options, and a welcoming atmosphere, we’re the best choice for the next game. Not coming for game night? No problem! We have plenty of events going on and even offer private events for bigger groups. Conveniently located in the heart of Chicago, come join us today and reminisce on the greatness of the 2010 Blackhawks’ season…or 2013…or 2015. Looks like you’re not the only one who’s overdue for a cup!

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