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5 Reasons Why It’s More Fun To Watch Football With Friends at a Bar

By November 13, 2018 No Comments
friends watching sports as they cheer and drink together at a bar

Football season is in full swing, and that means that the fight for the playoffs is heating up with each passing week. Whether you’re a local fan or support a team in a completely different time zone, one thing is for sure: there’s no place quite like your favorite bar to watch your team give it their all on the gridiron. Sure, you can watch from home in the quiet of your own living room, silently celebrating every touchdown scored for your fantasy team. That, or you can head to the bar with your favorite sports fans and celebrate a score in style! Still not convinced? Well, let us tell you exactly why it’s more fun to watch football with friends at a bar.

The Drinks Keep Flowing

When you head to your favorite bar to watch the game, there’s no need to worry about running out of drinks in the middle of the action. The bar is fully stocked with beer, wine, hand-crafted cocktails, and more to keep the game day festivities going strong. Another perk? No more debating about what to get to satisfy every spectator you’re hosting. Everyone can get exactly what they’re looking for while they watch their teams duke it out week in and week out.

No More Having to Choose

Let’s face it, if you have people over for the game, chances are that team preferences will differ. This can cause some tension when deciding just which game to watch on Sunday. Avoid having to switch back and forth between channels and just head to the bar. Most bars, like Bounce Sporting Club, have more than one game on their TVs at all times and try to accommodate any fandom that may walk through their doors. Skip the pregame wrestling match for the remote- head to a sports bar!

Celebrate the Wins

Day drinking and enjoying the games are only half of the football fun at Bounce Sporting Club. If the home team wins, which we always hope they do, then the celebration really begins. Keep the party going long after the final whistle blows and party like your team just won the Super Bowl. Keep supporting them like that, and they just might make it there in a few months time!

You Don’t Have to Be Outside

Some may say that there’s no better way to enjoy a game than live and in person. Well, while we can’t say that actually going to the game isn’t a great experience, we might say that it’s a bit romanticized. Think about it- unless you’re close to the field, you’ll be watching the game play out on the jumbotron, getting the same picture that you see on television. Drink and food prices are usually through the roof, the lines are long, and the temperature gets lower and lower every week. By heading to the bar, you give yourself the same (sometimes an even better) view, unique food and drink options, and food delivered right to your seat, all inside a warm and welcoming environment. Skip the season tickets this year and head to your favorite sports bar.

Enough Space for Everyone

Stadium seats can be expensive and apartments can get crowded quickly, but your favorite sports bar has plenty of space for you and all of your friends to watch the game. Don’t put yourself through the pain of picking and choosing which of your loved ones to invite to watch with you, bring them all! Let us at Bounce Sporting Club be the hosts so you don’t have to worry about any of the preparation or cleanup. If you and your friends make the decision to join us on football Sunday, we recommend making a reservation, that way everyone has plenty of space.

Football Sundays at Bounce Sporting Club

Everyone loves football, but enjoying it isn’t always easy. Cold weather, high ticket costs, and a poor view can keep you from heading to the stadium, and having people over to watch the game can be a stressful hassle. This is where Bounce Sporting Club comes in! Whether you’re in New York or Chicago, we have convenient locations and offer the best football experience you could ask for. We even have special DJs every weekend to keep the party going long after the final whistle. With extensive food options, handcrafted cocktails, and TVs galore, Bounce is your best choice for every game this season. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Don’t wait, make your reservation at Bounce today!

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