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10 Signs You’re Obsessed with Football

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The word obsess means “to excessively preoccupy the mind,” and once September rolls around, something seems to sweep over the nation. The symptoms include obsession, craving of wings, die-hard competitiveness, and incessant fantasy lineup tweaks. If you’re experiencing any of these, it can only mean one thing: you have football fever! If you’re like so many other sports fans, you may find yourself absolutely obsessed with football when it’s back in full swing. Here are some telltale signs to know if your fandom has turned into full-blown football fever.

Other Sports Take a Back Seat

Fall also means that the NHL season is about to start, the NBA preseason is picking up, and the MLB playoffs are just around the corner. None of that matters to the football-crazed fan. Weekends are solely dedicated to watching football and the weekdays are dedicated to looking at football news. Suddenly, all other sports disappear.

Nobody Can Argue your Fandom

Your wardrobe consists of mostly team apparel (including your favorite tie), your car is basically a billboard for your favorite team, and you might even have more permanent displays of your fandom. However you express your obsession, one thing is for sure: nobody can argue that you’re not a fan.

Your Phone is a Football Shrine

If you’re truly obsessed with football, your phone is probably always blowing up. You’ll be receiving constant notifications about signings that just occurred, score updates, injuries, and even off-field antics. At the end of the day, football is football, and your phone provides a constant state of football fever.

Fantasy Football Has Become a Lifestyle

Fantasy football leagues are kind of like potato chips: you can never have just one. Whether it’s two leagues or ten, you’re probably in more than one spending hours every week studying the waiver wires and pouring over “start ‘em/sit ‘em” articles. Some may judge, but if you win just one league, then you break even for the season. Don’t worry, we understand the madness.

The Bartenders Know You

Every Saturday and Sunday, almost like clockwork, you head to your favorite sports bar for a day filled with tackles and touchdowns. As soon as you walk in, adorned in your weekly jersey, the bartenders know exactly what drink to whip up before you even sit down. It’s a beautiful relationship, but it also means your true love for football outshines all the rest.

Winning in Other Things Doesn’t Matter

Whenever you’re talking about your high school or college years, sports inevitably come up. For example, once college basketball is in full swing, your response to a heartbreaking loss is usually something like, “it doesn’t matter, we beat them in football”. Obsessive? No. We call it competitive.

You’re Stuck in Your Traditions…or Superstitions

Sports fans are among the most superstitious people on earth, especially football fans. The one time you accidentally wore your jersey inside out, your team won, so you wear it inside out every week. You have to go to the same place for every rivalry game or you’ll lose, and your team is doomed if you don’t listen to you pump up song before the game. It’s just science!

Your Tailgates are Super Long

Tailgating is a tradition as old as football itself, and nobody does it quite like you. If the game starts at 1, then you’re in the parking lot ready to go around 8 a.m. Some say obsessed, we say committed.

When Your Team Loses, You Lose

You rejoice when your team wins but it’s a different story when your team loses. You’re not unlikely to hide from social interaction for 3-4 days while you mourn the loss of the game, but that’s okay. There’s always next week…until the playoffs.

Holidays are Made for Football

Thanksgiving is made for being thankful and you’re thankful for all of the football games. Family time is great but nothing says Thanksgiving like gathering around the TV to watch America’s favorite teams duke it out. Dinner can wait until halftime.

Watch Football With Fans Just Like You

If you think you’re obsessed with football and might have football fever, Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago has the cure. Come in every week to watch the games, enjoy signature handcrafted cocktails, and dive into some delicious dishes. Contact us today with questions you may have, or book your private event and VIP table. Don’t settle for any place to feed your football obsession, come over to Bounce and enjoy the best of Chicago.

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