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4 Reasons to Go to a Rooftop Bar this Summer

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The Windy City takes a more pleasant turn in the summer, with the usual chilly wind shifting into a cool cross breeze. While the sun beams down on the beautiful city of Chicago, you might find yourself searching for something new and exciting to do or a trendy place for you and your friends to spend the afternoon. The burning issue is this: you want a drink, but it’s just too nice to sit in a dark, draftless bar. That’s where rooftop bars come in. Rooftop bars provide all the fun of a bar with the perks of the beautiful outdoors. Need more convincing? Here are some of the best reasons to go to a rooftop bar this summer.

Best Views in Chicago

Chi-town offers one of the best skyline views in the United States, and nothing makes taking in the beautiful views of the city better quite like a drink in your hand and friends by your side. At a rooftop bar, you get a unique birds-eye view of the passers-by, enjoy the city you love from above, and gaze at awe-inspiring architecture as the sunset falls behind the city of Chicago. It’s the perfect way to end a perfect summer day.

Enjoy the Sun in Chicago

There’s no denying that typical bars are a fun way to spend your day or night, but on a beautiful Chicago Summer day, it might not be as fun as you think. Although it seems like Winter was an eternity ago, it’s really just right around the corner. As the colder months quickly approach, you have to wonder: do I really want to spend one of my limited summer days inside? If the answer is no, and it usually is, then a rooftop bar is the right choice for you. Soak up the sun, get a tan, or just enjoy that fresh air while enjoying a signature craft cocktail. If the sun is a little strong, speciality cocktail ice pops are the perfect way to cool down.

Best Instagram Pictures in Chicago

In today’s day and age, “do it for the ‘gram” is usually the only convincing somebody needs. So why go to a rooftop bar, you ask? Do it for the ‘gram! Sunsets behind the Chicago skyline, Boomerangs of you and your friends toasting to a great night, perfectly handcrafted cocktails, the options are endless for your next Instagram post. Rack up the likes and show your friends your trendy and adventurous side with a rooftop pic. Don’t forget to tag @BounceChicago and let everyone know where the best rooftop bar in Chicago is.

The Lights of Chicago

Summer days in Chicago are rivaled only by Summer nights in Chicago. When the sun goes down, parties go up – up to the rooftop, that is. The buildings of the skyline slowly disappear and are replaced by the dazzling lights that light up the city like stars in the night sky. Offering the best ambiance and views in Chicago, rooftop bars are the best choice for a romantic date, a girls night out, or hosting a special event. Whatever the party is for, the best way to get down is to go up!

Best Rooftop Bar in Chicago

Chicago is definitely keen to the rooftop bar trend, and it seems overwhelming when deciding which one to choose. Bounce Sporting Club offers one of the newest, trendiest, and highest quality rooftop bars in Chicago. Complete with unique bleacher-style seating, handcrafted cocktails, and cooling cocktail ice pops, we pride ourselves on providing an upscale sports bar experience right in the middle of Chicago. Come in for a weekend brunch, private parties, corporate lunches, and many more options. Book your event online today or contact us at any time if you have any questions. Come in tonight, enjoy our rooftop bar, and show us that you were #born2bounce.

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