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What Are The Most Popular Drinks to Order at a Bar?

By July 17, 2018 October 9th, 2018 No Comments
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Try The Best Drinks at a Sports Bar Near You

Bartending is an art of selecting complimenting flavors and creating character in the form of brilliantly crafted drinks. These professionals carefully select popular drinks and reflect on the tastes with their own crafty spin. By promoting this self-indulging thrill, patrons of bars across the country are in a constant search for both interesting new drinks and their next all-time favorite. To help settle your decision and end the anxious search, here are some of the most popular drinks to order on your next trip to the bar.

The Classic Mint Julep

A timeless classic filled with sophistication – the Mint Julep is a cocktail that’s been enjoyed for decades throughout the United States. With its popularity surging in the early 1920’s, this simple whiskey-based drink has stood the test of time. From resting in the hands of horse race enthusiasts to those in popular sports bars, the Mint Julep is a versatile drink that you need to try during your next time out.

The Spicy Red Monkey

There will always be people who are pushing the boundaries of their taste buds to the next level. For those looking for the latest and greatest form of heat, look no further than the Red Monkey. This sweet and spicy cocktail truly packs an interesting punch that will definitely keep you interested. Next thing you know, you’ll be going back for another round.

The Jam

Part of the excitement of trying out new drinks is discovering flavors that you would have never thought go together. After reading what’s in the drink and taking that first sip, you’ll be dumbfounded by how you’ve never thought of it before. The Jam sums up this experience perfectly. Hennessey V.S Cognac paired with muddled blackberries and mint, lemon, juice, vanilla and bitters are quite the combo. Sometimes you’ll hear people say that “simple is better,” however with a lineup of ingredients, The Jam just proves to be a wonderful exception.


Aside from flavor and presentation of a cocktail, sometimes the best drinks are judged by a clever name. Never would anyone expect to be taking any sort of medication at a bar, but the Penicilin cocktail is a healthy dose of wowing your taste buds. This drink is jampacked with lemon juice, mezcal float, and the best Japanese whiskey around. On your big night out, there’s only one prescription for an eventful night – and that’s Penicilin.

Jungle Bird

We all dream about taking island vacations just about every day of the year, but when booking a trip is out of the question there’s always an opportunity to bring the vacation to you. The Jungle Bird contains all of the best flavors from your favorite tropical island. Top shelf rum and Campari paired with the colorful flavors of guava, pineapple puree, and lime juice paint a picture of total relaxation no matter where you are.

Experience Craft Cocktails in Chicago and New York

Part of an unforgettable time out with friends and family is due in part to the extravagant craft cocktails and drinks from your night on the town. To get the full experience, you need to find an accommodating bar that’s prepared to offer the best drinks with the compassionate service. Bounce Sporting Club and our expert bartenders cater to the heart and interest of passionate drinkers and party-goers. We’ve created exclusive in-house twists of high demand cocktails that you’ll reminisce for days after your visit. With locations in the country’s biggest nightlife hotspots in New York and Chicago, Bounce delivers full and through with an upscale and laid-back environment with flavors unavailable anywhere else. Through careful crafting and prediction of what will be requested on the barstool, we invite all patrons to experience new flavors at either of out sports bar locations. Feel free to contact Bounce and schedule a sports bar reservation and view our New York cocktail menu or Chicago menu to plan your visit today.

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