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What Drink Should These 2018 Playoff Athletes Have If They Win?

By May 7, 2018 October 9th, 2018 No Comments
Playoff Drinks

There’s no question that the 2018 NHL and NBA playoffs are as exciting as ever. With dramatic highs and lows, looking away for even one second may lead you to miss some of the biggest plays of the game. Here’s a word of advice to help with your playoff experience – don’t blink.

Your eyes may be glued to the screen but your mind is racing all the same. It’s safe to say that we all have some pretty entertaining conversations while we’re watching the big game at home or at the bar. No matter who’s with you, some of these random topics can be hilariously interesting and draw some good argument. Here’s one to think about: Have you ever wondered what the 2018 playoff athletes will drink if they win? We may have just caused a storm of opinions, but don’t worry, because we’ve already answered it for you! Here’s every drink these athletes should celebrate with as they move closer to that championship trophy – that is if they win of course.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant was a fine addition to the dominant Golden State Warriors. Since his addition, the team has only doubled their talent and threat to the Western Conference. With one of the most criticized free-agency signings in the modern NBA era, Kevin Durant doesn’t seem to have missed Oklahoma very much. After winning an NBA championship in 2017, Durant doesn’t want to stop here – the taste of winning is too great. With every win in the playoffs, this all-star should pick up a cocktail by the name of Smokin Kisses to represent kissing the Thunder goodbye to chase NBA glory and never looking back.

Alexander Ovechkin

Picture this: the Captials win another playoff game and move along in the brackets towards the Stanley Cup Finals. With drink in hand celebrating with his teammates, Alexander Ovechkin passionately yells “Vashye Zdorovye!” to each and every person around him – that’s Russian for “cheers” by the way. To answer the question of what this legendary NHL Left Wing will drink, it’ll be nothing but Moscow’s finest mule. Now you may know that the classic Moscow Mule cocktail has absolutely nothing to do with Russia, but it’s the name that counts. Plus, who could turn down such a delicious classic?

Ben Simmons

The Sixers are finally back and making a huge statement in the NBA this season. After knocking the Heat out in the first round, their momentum is quite the force to be reckoned with. With Ben Simmons carrying the team during Joel Embiid’s short absence from play, no one else is as deserving of a celebratory drink. What’s Philly’s favorite point guard going to have? The Jam. This drink is literally jam-packed with the perfect blend of Hennessy, blackberries, lemon, mint, and vanilla – it’ll be hard to dunk on that choice. Working hard and believing in your team really does bring success – and the 76ers deserve to celebrate with the finest. See what happens when you trust the process?

Sydney Crosby

Sydney Crosby has brought the Penguins to three playoff appearances in a row, after winning the past 2 Stanley Cups. Pittsburgh’s perennial relevance in the NHL should never be overlooked, otherwise Sid the Kid is guaranteed to score on you. To celebrate the Penguin’s wins, and possible three peat, Crosby has got to celebrate with team colors. The drink of choice here must be the Lucia. The taste bud blasting flavors of Grey Goose Pear, pear puree, lemon juice and peach liqueur create a fascinating yellow cocktail that’s worth every dollar. Just the tiniest sip feels like scoring the game-winning goal to take home the Stanley Cup.

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum

The Boston Celtics are conquering the East with their youth. With Kyrie Irving sitting out with injury this playoff run, it’s time for the league’s younglings to show what they’re capable of. Stealing the show versus every opponent they play, Brown and Tatum are playing like true veterans with one goal in site: to bring the Celtics to another NBA championship. With victory so close but just out of reach, celebrating each playoff win will do for now. The duo should ask the bartender for an Old Fashioned or a Mint Julep. Both cocktails are the ultimate classics on any drink menu. The Celtics have a deep-rooted history in the Finals, 17 championship wins to be exact, so what better way to celebrate the successful past with a modern twist on traditional drinks? Just like the two all-time favorite cocktails, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum represent modern day NBA success with inspiration from the franchises’ past.

Marc-Andre Fleury

Who saw the success of the Golden Knights coming? If you did you should congratulate yourself, because this expansion team is quite good. Barely a year old, the Vegas-based NHL team is already claiming their rightful place in the league. Skating and scoring through the playoffs with ease, the Knights are ready to win big, which means they have to celebrate big as well. The team’s veteran goaltender, Marc-Andre Fleury is experiencing great success after getting selected in the Golden Knight’s expansion draft. As the backbone of their playoff success, he deserves only best drink and in great proportions. A franchises’ first Stanley Cup in their first season is no joke, and neither is the Mega Paloma. This cocktail is a whopping 196oz mug of the finest Deleon Platinum Tequila with grapefruit and lime juice. Just like Fleury’s talents, the Mega Paloma is a must have.

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