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The Best Drinking Games for March Madness

By March 21, 2018 February 25th, 2019 No Comments
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As the cold season slowly fizzles, excitement begins to ramp back up again and with great tenacity in the sports world. Sports fans around the country can’t wait for the upcoming NCAA March Madness Tournament. The anticipation is at an all time high, and when it’s finally time for the round of 64, amp up the excitement with March Madness-themed drinking games. The games below will keep you entertained the entire night, no matter if there’s a painful-to-watch blowout.  But no matter how much fun you’re having at Bounce Sporting Club’s Chicago or New York locations, please remember, drink responsibly!

Upset Alert

We all live for upsets during March Madness – and every single year the tourney’s  full of them. No matter how upset it makes us once our brackets are totally ruined, it’s still fun to be part of all the excitement. If a 10-point underdog upsets the favorite, take a shot.

Bounce Pass

Simulate what you’re watching on the big screens and make some no-look passes yourself. Set up a shot glass in front of you and try to bounce a quarter into the glass. The first person to accomplish it doesn’t pay for the next round.

Quarter Free Throws

Who says you can’t play a little basketball at the bar? Find out who’s buying the next round by challenging your friends to a one-on-one showdown. Try to flick a quarter into the tiny hoop the bartender has set up (or a pint glass) to decide your fate.

The Game Winner

Game winning shots are intense and we’ve got a way to celebrate. If a player hits a buzzer beating shot in any fashion to win the game, finish your drink.

From Deep!

If you’ve ever heard an announcer say, “that shot was from another area code!” – then you know it was impressive. If a player hits a half court shot, take a long draft from whatever your drink of choice is.

The Beatdown

If your team loses by 20 or more points, slam down a shot. You’ll probably want to anyway…


If Syracuse can make the tournament this year, there’s no doubt that Carmelo Anthony will be mentioned by every announcer to ever do commentary for ‘Cuse. Melo hasn’t played college ball since 2003, so every time his name comes up, take a sip.

Hitting The Books

Every NCAA team is fighting for the number one spot in the tournament, but behind the sporting scene these schools are striving to provide the best education. Take a drink every time someone mentions a player’s academic prowess.

The Dikembe

It’s too bad Dikembe Mutombo isn’t playing anymore, however his legacy lives on. If a player wags their finger immediately following a block, wag your finger, say “no, no, no” then take a drink.

Dickie V

This one is very similar to playing the Roxanne drinking game. For those who don’t know, when the song Roxanne comes on by The Police, you must take a drink every time they say “Roxanne.” Equally as intimidating, the Dickie V game is played whenever Dick Vitale says anything close to his trademark, “Unbelievable!” or “Baby!” during commentary. Hide your hairline back with your hand and take a drink.

“That’s Just Turrible”

We’re sure you’ve all heard Charles Barkley’s commentary and legendary arguments with Shaquille O’Neil in the past. In the event the NBA lets him do commentary for March Madness, we’ve taken advantage of the potential opportunity. Tip your hat to his “turrible” commentary every time he says the infamous word, “turrible.”

He’s On Fire!

When players begin to feel the magic touch, they’re pretty much unstoppable. Bucket after bucket, it seems they’re tossing a golf ball into the ocean. When a player gets rolling and hits 3 baskets in a row, drink every time until he misses.

Turnover Tag

Each friend in the group will have a turn to choose a random drive and guess how that possession will play out. If a basket is made, you’re safe. If it’s a missed shot, you take a sip. If it’s a block or turnover/stolen ball, take a shot.

Triple Digit Madness

No game is more exciting, or impressive, when a team makes it to 100 points. When any team reaches this triple digit milestone, take a 100-proof shot.

Good Ole’ Gus

Gus Johnson’s presence in the NCAA March Madness booths is highly debated upon by fans. His excitement can get the best of him, but that’s what makes it so hilariously ridiculous. Take sip in the rare events that Gus Johnson actually speaks with an inside voice.

Hometown Heroes

Everyone has a favorite team and it’s usually based on where you’ve grown up. If your hometown team is victorious, take a drink in honor of the big win.

March To The Beat Of The Madness

March Madness draws a very large crowd from all around the country. Viewership is in the millions, bars are packed and T.V. sets are always never turned off. People of all walks of life are experiencing the Madness of March, even Hip-Hop celebrities. Take a drink every time an artist is shown on T.V.

Love The Team, Eat With The Team

A popular celebration in the sports world after a clutch play is the “eating cereal” celebration. Every time a player pretends to hold a bowl of cereal and violently eats it with a spoon, take a bite of your meal or take a drink.

Fouling Out

No one really wants to see a player foul out of the game – unless they’re on the opposing side that is. In this case, you better really hope it’s on the other team, because every time a player fouls out on your own team you must take a shot.

Playing Predictions

Let’s see how confident you are throughout all of this NCAA madness by raising the stakes just before tipoff. Make a bet with your friends to see who’s going to win the big game. Whoever loses the matchup buys the night’s final round.

Daily Double

If you’re a gambling man or woman, you’re probably a high roller who enjoys the thrill of raising the stakes. Before the start of the game, choose a player to follow through both halves. Everything that happens to that player will undergo the “daily double.” This means that the designated drinking amount/rules will be twice that of the regular amount.

Enjoy March Madness with Bounce Sporting Club

With NCAA March Madness quickly approaching, you’re going to need some solid plans to watch the games. There’s no more time for sitting in your friend’s living room or basement with a box a pizza and a few beers hoping your bracket stays intact. Even though your bracket may not end up being perfect and that Warren Buffet money doesn’t come your way, you’ll still need a dedicated location of sports fans to congregate for the big games. Plan a night with Bounce Sporting Club and be part of the madness with unique food and one-of-a-kind drinks from our talented bartenders. Contact us to reserve a table at our New York City or Chicago locations or learn more about the upcoming events in the Big Apple and The Windy City. Teach your friends the ways of bracketology and pray yours doesn’t get busted!

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