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How to Watch March Madness Without Losing Your Cool: Tips to Remain Calm

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March Madness is one of the most anticipated times of the year. It’s when sports fans gather for Selection Sunday and watch to see if their team will be one of the 68 chosen to compete for the NCAA Championship. For 21 days, this single-elimination tournament will undoubtedly have upsets, triumphs, and unbelievable moments to be entered into the record books — to go down as March Madness.

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In our last post, we took a look at the science of how our body responds when we watch sporting events and are invested in a team. We learned that the body and brain are largely responsible for some of your responses during March Madness. However, Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago notes that it doesn’t give you license to create a disturbance for others. Below are tips to remain level-headed during March Madness.


Be Aware of Your Rising Feelings

One way to not embarrass yourself during March Madness is to be aware of how you are acting and your rising feelings. Most of us can sense when we are getting angry. While there’s nothing wrong with having the feeling of anger, there is something wrong with taking your anger out on others. Thus, if you are sensing yourself getting angry or frustrated to the point you want to lash out, it’s time to take a break from the game. This can be to take a quick turn around your block, talk to others in the room, get up and get something to eat, or order another beer at Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago or NYC. This will allow your feelings to naturally calm without getting out of control.

Breathe Deeply

When you are angry or anxious, you tend to take short, shallow breaths, which tells your brain something is about to happen. Deep breaths calm the heart rate and lower your blood pressure. This will slow down the spread of adrenaline to your muscles and heart and keep your body even. Taking a couple of deep breaths while you are in front of the TV is entirely possible; however, taking a quick break along with deep breathing will help even more.

Relax Your Body

During March Madness, you can find yourself easily on the edge of your seat, waiting on the next basket, without even realizing it. You can be tense all over and not realize it as well. However, when you purposely relax your body, your brain will relax as well, releasing some of those pent-up emotions you are feeling. You can do this easily by sitting comfortably on your couch instead of on the edge of your seat, or if you are at a bar, by sitting in a stool instead of standing. Standing can also lead to pacing — something else that causes anxiety.

Create a Routine

There’s a reason that players have rituals — it takes their minds off the forthcoming game so they can just be in the moment. It calms their nerves and creates a sense of automaticity that is important. It’s the fear of the unknown that causes this anxiety. Fans who tend to get angry when March Madness rolls around can do the same thing before the game. You can develop a routine, whether that is going over to the same buddy’s house to watch the game or going to the same local sports bar, such as Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago or NYC. Once there, you can eat the same food and do the same things during the game.

Remember It’s Just a Game

Sports games and March Madness games are for entertainment purposes. You are supposed to have fun, not get anxious about it or lose your cool because your team lost. You want to keep a healthy perspective. Sports games were developed so that our brains can take us to the field and experience what it’s like to play football, baseball, or basketball. March Madness takes your mind off the bad day you just had and gives you an escape. It’s an outlet to release the stresses of your world; it’s not supposed to cause you stress. After all, it’s just a game, so remember that.


Watching sports is always better together, which is one of the reasons we created such great corporate event spaces. We understand that your business needs to have a comfortable space to converse with one another, share great food and drink with each other, and watch some great basketball games during March Madness. When you get a bunch of sports fans together, while some can get rowdy (but if they follow the tips above, they won’t), many just enjoy the game for what it is — a great exhibition of basketball players who have dedicated their lives to the sport of basketball. It’s truly a great way to spend time with others.

Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago and NYC offers this space for all to enjoy. We complement our corporate event spaces with great food, beer, and cocktails. For our sports bar food, we try to balance out finger foods, from wings and pizza, to more traditional fare, from burgers to chicken and steak. We offer a wide variety of beers on tap, as well as an amazing cocktail selection. We have a plethora of large, flat-screen TVs with which to view the March Madness games from, which can be seen no matter where you are at in our upscale sports bar.

Our corporate event centers are not just for businesses, either. Individuals can rent out our spaces for their special occasions or to just watch March Madness with friends. From birthday parties and anniversaries to celebrations of life’s milestones, our corporate event centers can offer you a great space with great service. During your event, our staff will ensure all of your needs are taken care of. We handle the cleanup for you, so all you have to do is show up. Contact Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago or NYC today for booking information!


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