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How to Watch March Madness Without Losing Your Cool: The Science of Sports Games

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Every year, legions of basketball fans eagerly await the month of March when college basketball enters its playoff season and March Madness returns. This is the moment sports fans have been waiting for. They spend hours analyzing the teams and guessing who’s going to win (they may even bet on it as well). And with each game, a team is eliminated, and the other team heads up the ladder with the goal of being in the Final Four.

That being said, many fans get rowdy during these all-important playoff games during March Madness. We’ve all seen them and been around them. Those who are spewing words at the referees as if the refs can hear them. Those who get mad and throw things. Those who are downright crestfallen when their team loses.

Bounce Sporting Club has seen all sorts of basketball fans at our upscale sports bars in Chicago and NYC. March Madness fans definitely run the gamut, from the quiet and the serious to the out-of-control fans who sometimes have to be escorted out of our local sports bar — even if they are in one of our top-notch corporate event rooms. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to not lose your cool during March Madness. Contact us today for your next corporate holiday party venue!


Not to pass the buck, but part of the reason people are so invested in their sports team is neurological. Humans have special neurons in our brains called mirror neurons. These neurons are what allow us to sympathize with others and partly understand what they are going through, such as when a death in the family occurs.

However, in the instance of a sports team, these neurons are amplified because you “know” the team and the players. Our feelings lead us to believe that we are experiencing what they are experiencing because of these mirror neurons. Thus, we can actually experience the game as if we were participants (which is why you will hear die-hard sports fans include themselves with the word “we” when talking about their favorite teams).


The above mirror neurons are only the tip of the iceberg. Studies have shown that your mood is affected by whether or not your team wins or loses. Here, you can blame neurotransmitters, or chemicals in your brain that help regulate your mood. Hormones do play a part as well.

Thus, when your team wins or is winning, your brain releases the neurotransmitter called dopamine, which is the chemical in your body that makes you feel good. When your team loses or is playing poorly, your brain produces cortisol, which is the same hormone your body releases when you are stressed. These chemicals are also why you may sweat while watching a game — because you are anxious about whether your team will win or lose. You can also experience anxiety before a big game just like your favorite players do.

As if that weren’t enough, you can also get a huge adrenaline rush when your team wins. This is clinically known as “excitatory state.” Your heart will beat faster, your blood pressure goes up, and the blood flow increases to your heart and muscles in preparation for fight or flight response. Your body shuts down blood flow to other organs during this time, which is why you experience butterflies in your stomach. In fact, this can increase the risk of a heart attack in someone who is older or overweight.


March Madness is pure magic. It’s such an exciting time in college basketball, especially for the players who have worked their entire lives to make it to these games. It’s full of excitement, wonder, and fun.

March Madness is even better when you share the experience with friends at Bounce Sporting Club. We offer corporate event venues at both of our sports bars so you can invite a lot of your friends, family, and co-workers along to share in the joy of March Madness.

In Chicago, we offer several choices for you, including the Field House, our largest venue space. Holding up to 300 people, this corporate event space features 20 flat screen TVs, a DJ booth for amazing sound, and a great space to mix and mingle. Our Clubhouse offers a corporate event space for up to 150 people, and it features its own private entrance in the back alley. A bit smaller than our Field House, it offers 10 flat screen TVs. Our Sky Box offers an intimate experience with your closest friends for March Madness, with room for 45 people. Finally, our RoofTop space is ideal in the warm summer months to watch baseball.

In NYC, we offer two corporate event spaces. Our library is our smaller corporate event gathering space with room for 45 people, while our Main Room can hold up to 250 individuals. With great seating options, rooms to walk around and talk to your friends and family, and screens galore, you’ll love these NYC sports venues.

Bounce Sporting Club is a great place to gather with friends, eat great food, drink some great cocktails, and watch your favorite teams during March Madness. Check our website for special events during March Madness, and book your corporate event space in Chicago and NYC today!


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