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Can Any Occasion Be a Corporate Event?

By March 2, 2020 No Comments
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When it comes to corporate events, most people think of a summer picnic or a holiday get-together to celebrate your company’s achievements and your employees. But who says that corporate events have to take place only during those two times of the year? What about a corporate event centered around other holidays, such as Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter?

Bounce Sporting Club is the best sports bar that hosts amazing corporate events in both Chicago and NYC. Our corporate event venues are perfect for any occasion, and our rooms are tailored for your number of guests and needs. With our attention to detail and our superb staff who are ready to take care of your needs, you won’t have to worry about a thing except having fun. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of hosting a corporate event in the non-peak times. Contact us today to book your corporate event venue!


Discounts and Deals

Many corporate event venues offer discounts and deals if you book your corporate event during the non-peak times of the year (December, January, and July and August). An empty event hall means no money, so a discounted event hall means money. Thus, if you wait to host your corporate event, you could save a lot of money.

Increase Attendance

The odds of more people attending your off-season corporate event increase. During the busy holiday season, people often already have a booked schedule. But if you plan a corporate event around Easter, or the end of September or shortly before or after, most people have that time available.

More Availability

If you’ve hosted enough corporate events, then you know oftentimes you get stuck with the leftovers, meaning a corporate event schedule that is not ideal. For instance, you may have to choose a Tuesday or other day during the week instead of the weekend. Some rooms may be booked so you end up with a corporate event room in Timbuktu that no one can find. However, if you book your corporate event during the off-season at a top-notch corporate event center such as Bounce Sporting Club, odds are you’ll have your pick of times.

Fewer Crowds

One word: parking. There are some people who won’t attend events simply due to the fact they can’t park their vehicle anywhere. If there are pains in attending your corporate event, people won’t come. However, if you host your corporate event during the off-season, there are fewer people milling around, more parking, and less crowds, which is a plus for those who also are claustrophobic and can’t stand crowds.


People are fickle, that’s for sure. However, sometimes, like during the winter, the weather can be a safety consideration. Wind, hail, snow, the extreme cold or the extreme heat can keep people away. However, if you choose a spring or fall date, such as in April or May or September and October, odds are the weather will cooperate, be mild, and more people will attend.


Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago and NYC offers the best corporate event centers in the area. In Chicago there are so many options to choose from. Our corporate events center can host up to 650 people in different areas that have different features. For example, our biggest venue is the Field House. This corporate event venue in our Chicago sports bar can hold up to 300 people. Featuring 20 flat screen TVs, a sound system, and a DJ booth, you can have a great time with your co-workers. There is a lot of seating, and we serve our stellar sports bar food and drink selections.

Our Clubhouse hosts up to 150 of your employees and is your private space with a private entrance through the back alley. The ultimate in exclusivity, this favorite corporate event room has 10 flat screen TVs and a full bar. Book this one early!

Our sky box is our smallest event center room with an occupancy rate of 45. It overlooks the main floor but maintains your personal space. When the summer comes, this is one of the most popular spaces. You can enjoy the fresh air under a covered canopy and enjoy your corporate event!

Our New York corporate event spaces are intimate and casual. Our library can host up to 45 guests, making it the ideal space for birthdays, anniversaries, and client events. This space can be added to our main room, which has space for up to 250 people. All sorts of celebrations and milestones can be held in this space for your company’s employees.

The main point of corporate events is to show your team that you care about them and their families, that you appreciate the hard work they put into your company, and you want to give them a place to socialize and have fun as thanks. Corporate events improve staff retention and boost team morale. At our sports bar, you will most definitely have fun!

Once you’ve chosen your space, we’ll handle the rest, including the menu preparation and the drinks. Our staff is bumped up for your corporate event, ensuring you have the best care possible. We truly enjoy having businesses come and celebrate at our local sports bar. The off season is the perfect time to book your corporate event with us. Contact Bounce Sporting Club for more details!


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