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You Have the Best Tickets to a Sporting Event & Your Date Cancelled! What Now?

By January 16, 2020 No Comments
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You love seeing sporting events in person. The atmosphere, the excitement of play, and the sports fan sitting all around you make for a fun, memorable time. You just got amazing tickets to a great sporting event, but your date just cancelled. So what do you do?

Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago is an upscale sports bar and corporate event venue. For a sports fan, it doesn’t get any better than your venue with great lounges, seating, and, of course, plenty of flat screen TVs to see the game. However, we understand we can’t replicate seeing the game in person. Below, we’ll offer up tips for what to do if your date cancels and you have tickets to a big game. Visit us today, or call for our event venue bookings!


Invite a Friend

The next best thing after going on a date to the big game is taking a friend, preferably one who enjoys the sport as much as you do. You’ll still have a good time, and the ticket won’t go to waste. We do recommend you don’t mention to your friend that they are second choice. It would probably put a damper on the mood, and your friend may even turn you down when learning such news, depending on how you frame it. Thus, Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago recommends just saying nothing when inviting your friend.

Invite a Work Colleague

Inviting a work colleague can be a bit dicey, depending on the dynamic of your work relationship and how well you know the person. If you are inviting a work colleague that you are a member of fantasy football with, then this could be a match made in heaven. However, if you are inviting the new guy whom you don’t know very well, it could become awkward if you don’t mesh. We do recommend that you stick to the same gender, as inviting the opposite gender out can appear to be like a date (unless, of course, that is your intention).

You’ll want to exercise caution when inviting your boss. You don’t want them to think you are trying to win favor with them or get on their good side. Plus, whatever you say at the game can be tricky too if you start talking about others at work. Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago recommends you use your best judgment when inviting co-workers.

Invite a Neighbor

The great thing about inviting a neighbor to your sporting event is that they live near you, so it makes carpooling and logistics of meeting up easy. Furthermore, when you invite a neighbor, you will earn goodwill points, which can go far when you live in a community that depends on one another in case of emergencies. Again, it’s best not to mention that they are a fill in. Instead, frame it as you simply have two sporting tickets, and you’d like them to come. Short and simple is the best way to go.

Gift the Tickets

This may be the hardest option for you, especially if it is a sporting event you’ve been wanting to see, but if you can’t find someone to go with you and you don’t want to go alone, gifting the tickets will at least allow them not to be wasted, and you’ll feel good about that. Plus, whoever you gift the tickets too will probably be grateful, and, in turn, do you a nice favor in the future as well.


If you’ve found yourself without a date to a sporting event and you’ve decided to gift your tickets, Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago can be your place of solace. Here, you’ll find sporting fans galore who will be more than happy to watch the game with you and commiserate about not being there. However, they will more than likely lift your spirits as you kick back, relax, have a beer, and watch the game. In the future, you can throw a sporting event party in one of our corporate event venue spaces and invite all of your friends, thereby eliminating the date dilemma. Visit us today!


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