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Must-See Sporting Events: Super Bowl and Tour de France

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Most people have really cool must-dos on their bucket lists, such as ride an elephant, run for President, attend Harvard University, sky dive, bungee jump, and sail around the world. Some people have simple things, too, like going on a nice trip with their family or completing an exercise goal, like running a 5k or a marathon. If you’re a sports fan, you may have attending a cool sporting event on your bucket list.

Bounce Sporting Club is a local sports bar and corporate event venue in Chicago for fans of all sports, from football and basketball to hockey and badminton. Coupled with good food, entertainment, superb customer service, and top-notch drinks, we hope to ensure you have a great time while you’re here. Below, we’ll continue our look at sporting events you must see, and invite you in to our amazing sports bar in Chicago today!


The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is for Americans what the World Cup is for the rest of the world — only we are lucky enough to have one every year. Fans spend an entire season (usually beginning in September) rooting for their favorite football team to make it to the Super Bowl. Some fans even live and die by this. Regardless of if your team makes it to the Super Bowl or not, attending a Super Bowl is an absolute must for your bucket list.

To say attending the Super Bowl is amazing does not even begin to describe it. The party truly begins days before the big game on Sunday night and the host city usually goes all out to make it entertaining to say the least. There are Super Bowl parties all week long, usually starting the Tuesday before at Media Day, which is now open to the public. You can also partake in the NFL Experience, and if you picture Six Flags, this is much better for sports fans. There are so many football-related activities that we can’t even begin to describe them. You can meet former players and current players and get their autographs. You may even be able to visit the stadium and see the field where the action will take place. Each NFL Experience is different since it is put on by the host city.

Then there’s NFL Sunday, the day you’ve been waiting for. You’ll definitely want to arrive early since the festivities will be going on all day long. Tail-gating is always a great way to memorialize the Super Bowl, but you’ll have to start really early. From the National Anthem to kick-off to the halftime show and the finale, this is one sporting event you definitely want to put on your bucket list for a memory of a lifetime.

In case you haven’t had a chance to make it to a Super Bowl, Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago loves Super Bowl time. With all of the excitement hanging in the air, everyone has a great time here at our sports bar. We offer numerous corporate event venue spaces that you can rent to enjoy with your closest friends and colleagues, or you can just gather in our sports bar, enjoy our drink specials, foods, and comradery and create a great memory as well. Visit us today!

Tour de France

Most of us ride bikes. It’s a great exercise, and it’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Now picture one of the greatest sporting events in the world in a destination that everyone loves and a bike is involved.

The Tour de France is a true force to witness. A grueling three-week long bike race that runs over 2,000 miles through incredibly rough terrain in France, the Tour de France is a test of endurance, strength, and sheer will-power to overcome challenges along the way. For spectators, the Tour de France is a true thrill-ride. It is one of the most watched events as fans by the thousands line up along the route just to see the riders go by. This makes pre-planning a must, as finding a spot can be difficult, and the roads are closed off two hours before that stage of the event. There are many giveaways to spectators too.

One of the major benefits of attending the Tour de France is that it is in France, one of the most beautiful places on earth. Just looking at the map of the route is daunting. However, you’ll have more than enough time to sightsee and see the racers. In fact, you could even just go for part of the Tour de France and then visit more countries in Europe. The Tour de France is definitely a bucket list to-do for sports fans everywhere.

Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago understands that it may be hard to get away to France for three weeks. Thus, if you are postponing your Tour de France trip, watch all of the action on our flat screen TVs at our sports bar. We’ll keep your stomach happy and your palate satisfied with our wide selection of food and drink. You can celebrate the Tour de France with all of your friends by renting one of our amazing corporate event venue spaces. We offer smaller, more intimate settings, such as our Sky Box room, or go all-out and invite everyone you know and love and their families and rent our Field House space, which can hold 300 people. With their own bars and attendants, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of.


Most of us love sporting events because they are thrilling to watch. Plus, there is something about watching our favorite team that inspires us. We subconsciously put ourselves in the shoes of the players, and thus when they win, we get a rush. Plus, sports is a social event that you can do with others, and it can affect your self-esteem.

Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago loves when people come together, united by one cause — to win a game. A community is fostered, and people end up having a really good time together. At our sports bar, we make it as comfortable and as easy as possible for you to enjoy sports, from the best food and drink to the best seating, viewing, and customer service. Sports unites, and we do our part by providing a safe and fun environment to connect with others.

When you can’t make it to the Super Bowl or the Tour de France, we’d love to have you join us. Visit us, and consider a corporate event venue rental today!

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