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Must-See Sporting Events: Olympics & The World Cup

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In recent years, the bucket list (which is a list of all the things you want to do before you die) has become as ubiquitous as rain. It seems everyone has one, and everyone talks about completing events and must-dos on their bucket lists. As a sports fan, you probably have some events on your bucket list that are must-sees before you die.

Bounce Sporting Club is a sports bar in Chicago. Not only are we a sports bar, but we are also the best corporate event venue in Chicago, boasting numerous special event spaces for you and your party. As you can imagine as a sports bar, sporting events are big around here and our event venue spaces sell out fast. In today’s blog post, we thought we’d put together the best must-see sporting events for the sports fan to add to their bucket list. Contact us today to book your next corporate event venue!



The summer and winter Olympics are extra special because each only happens once every four years. Thus, there are not that many opportunities in your lifetime to attend. However, the Olympics tops our list as sporting events that every sports fan absolutely must attend. For starters, there’s the opening ceremony, an event designed to blow your socks off, which it absolutely will. Then, over the course of two weeks, you can see so many sporting events that you will have to narrow it down. In the summer, there’s basketball, gymnastics, swimming, field events, and polo. In the winter, there are all of the skiing and snowboarding events, luge, hockey, and figure skating. No where else can see such a display of talent and such an array of sports.

The host city has dropped millions of dollars just to prepare for the Olympics, so you can bet that there will be additional things to see and do when you’re not catching the latest sporting event. From the food to the other nearby tourist sites, you will constantly be on the go and have an adventure of a lifetime. While attending the Olympics won’t be cheap, it will be well worth the fun and the memories. If you can’t quite make it to the Olympics, Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago has got you covered. You can either enjoy your favorite adult beverage on our Rooftop during the summer, or bring the party indoors in our cozy Sky Box. If you host your party in one of our corporate event venues, you can be guaranteed a great time with your friends.

World Cup

While soccer is not as popular here in the United States as elsewhere (football and basketball reign here), soccer is THE sport in other countries, and the World Cup is bigger than the Super Bowl to them. In order to truly understand other sports fans, you have to attend the World Cup in person. You will feel the electricity from the crowd as they root for their favorite team in a manner not seen here in the US. For example, in the last World Cup in Russia, fans were singing and chanting for hours before the game even started. There were concerts and celebrations long before the first kick occurred. The partying truly does go on all day and all night for days. And that’s just the fans.

The game itself is as intense as any, where you are watching the best soccer players in the world compete. If you have never been into soccer before, you will be after watching a professional World Cup soccer game. What adds to the excitement of the day is the fact that this event only happens once every four years, making the fans who are lucky to attend the biggest sporting event of the year even more harried. Hence, from the frenzied crowds to the spectacle of the soccer match itself, the World Cup is our number two pick for must-see sporting events for your bucket list.

Bounce Sporting Club is a local sports bar and corporate event venue where soccer fans who can’t make it to the World Cup in Chicago congregate and watch the matches leading up to the final match. With our full menu and drink specials, the good times keep rolling. If you prefer a bit more privacy, or you want to hang out with a big group of friends, then consider one of our corporate event venue spaces. We have event venue rooms that hold up to 300 people. However, these fill up fast during the biggest sporting events of the year, so call early to book!


Some major sporting events only come once every four years, such as the Olympics and the World Cup, which makes them even more important to try and see if they are on your sporting bucket list.

However, if you can’t make it this go-around to these major sporting events, you can still catch all of the excitement and drama here at Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago. What makes these events truly special is the number of people who have an avid interest in them. Thus, we offer amazing corporate event venues spaces for your viewing pleasure that allow you to watch the game in a comfortable setting on superb high-definition flat screen TVs with all of your friends, colleagues, and co-workers. You won’t miss one thrilling second, and you’ll have available a full bar menu and drinks that will please everyone in your party.

As your local sports bar, Bounce Sporting Club goes out of our way to ensure you have a great time, from excellent customer service to great food, drink, and entertainment. We frequently have live bands with world-class musicians, and we top this with the best happy hour specials in town. Thus, when the big game is on, join us for every second. Call for your corporate event venue reservation in Chicago today!

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