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Must-See Sporting Events: NBA Finals & March Madness

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When you’re a fan of a certain sport, there are certain events of that sport that you have to see in person. This applies to all sports across the board; however, for basketball, the must-sees come down to two events: the NBA Finals and March Madness.

Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago loves basketball. As an upscale sports bar, we pride ourselves on creating an inviting, yet exciting atmosphere for all. Our mission is to help you view your favorite sporting events while hanging out with friends and work colleagues, as well as possibly meeting new friends. In our continuing look at must-see sporting events that many people have on their bucket lists, we’ll take a look at the ultimate in basketball. Visit our sports bar, or book your corporate event venue today!


The NBA Finals

Like the Super Bowl, the NBA (National Basketball Association) Finals is played every year to determine the champion of the league. The venue is the team who has the home court advantage, which is the team that has the better winning record from the regular season. There is something about watching the pinnacle of the best in a sporting event, and for those who were able to watch Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant play, they experienced something undeniably great and beautiful. When an athlete excels to dominate their sport as much as these guys did, you get to witness the best of being human.

There is no doubt that attending an NBA championship game — even if it’s just one — should be at the top of your bucket list, especially if basketball is your favorite sport. You’ll get to see the game as never before, and feel the excitement and energy as your favorite players go head-to-head. The great thing about basketball is that the game is played indoors, which only amplifies the noise level and the intimacy of the setting. You will truly be immersed in what is happening on the court, even if you got tickets in the nose bleeds.

Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago recognizes that we all lead busy lives, which is why we have a bucket list in the first place. These activities that we will do at some future point may not be this year, in which case, you can catch the NBA Finals in our local sports bar. Our flat screen TVs cover every viewing angle so you don’t miss any jump shot or foul. Our food is too good to pass up, and our daily drink specials are flat-out amazing. If you are looking for a special place all your own for the NBA Finals, consider one of our corporate event venue spaces. These event spaces can hold up to 300 people and are ideal if you are looking for personalized service for you and your friends.

March Madness

Trying to compare March Madness to the NBA finals is like comparing apples to oranges. While both are basketball, there is a certain madness built into college basketball that is just not present in professional basketball, which is the anticipation that anything can happen. There is a possibility for more upsets in March Madness, which is what keeps everyone glued to their TVs, or, if you are lucky enough to check this off your bucket list, to the court itself.

This single-elimination bid for the college basketball championship has everyone in a frenzy and on the edge of their seats since if you lose, you are out. Throw in the fact that you are surrounded by teenagers and those in their early 20s who truly have no sense of tact or control when it comes to their favorite sports team, and attending a March Madness game in person is taken to a whole other level. When you purchase tickets to March Madness, you choose between the semifinals and the finals, or the Final Four. Either way, you will experience a heightened atmosphere as bands are playing constantly, cheerleaders are screaming, and the fans themselves are doing the wildest things that could be classified as entertainment. Bucket list March Madness for sure, even if you’re just in for the people watching. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Bounce Sporting Club understands that there is something special about March Madness, which is why our corporate event venue in Chicago books out fast. When you gather your best friends in a room with a sporting event that is unparalleled in terms of excitement, you will create memories to last a lifetime. Our stellar customer service ensures that the food and drink keep flowing, while you enjoy the game. Contact us early for a venue booking.


There’s nothing quite as relaxing after work as heading out to your local sports bar with some work colleagues, grabbing a cold beer or your favorite cocktail, eating some wings, and watching some sports. You will immediately notice your stress levels decrease as you wash away all of the worries and frustrations of your day.

Bounce Sporting Club is a sports bar and corporate event venue center in Chicago. We offer the best in sporting events excitement by our top-notch atmosphere, our award-winning menu items, and drinks made to order. Our lounge spaces are simply amazing, being super comfortable, inviting, and a great place to rest after your day. If you are looking for exclusivity, our Clubhouse offers a private entrance through our back alley so you and your friends can enter unimpeded. Or, our Sky Box offers a more intimate setting, holding just 45 people, which offers a quieter setting.

Basketball is a sport that many people enjoy both to play and to watch. When played on a professional level or a collegiate level, basketball is one of the most amazing and mesmerizing sports to watch. When you need a great place to catch some basketball, visit our upscale sports bar today!

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