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College Basketball for Dummies

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If you are not a sports person, college basketball (or any sport for that matter) can be confusing. After all there are rules that have to be followed and then there are the penalties that can not only change the course of the game, but can also send your mind into a tizzy.

Bounce Sporting Club is a local sports bar and corporate event venue in Chicago. Here, we have dozens of flat screen TVs with every sports game imaginable playing. We offer great drink specials, and our food offers variety, great taste, and all-around goodness. We have many event venue spaces for you to rent with a group. Whether you are celebrating a wedding with a bachelorette party or you are celebrating March Madness, we have huge event spaces with their own bar, booths, sound systems, and, of course, TVs. Below, we’ll introduce you to college basketball. Visit us in Chicago today!


College basketball is centered around universities and colleges. Those universities and colleges that choose can have a college basketball team. These teams (because there are so many of them) are organized into conferences based on the location of the college or university. From there, the conferences are then played regionally for their regular season games. The teams are ranked nationally, however, so that everyone has an even chance to play in the NCAA tournament.


NCAA stands for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This nonprofit association is responsible for regulating the athletes who play college basketball. It also helps organize the athletic programs of various colleges and universities. They are the ones who set the rules regarding what college athletes can and can’t do and what they can and can’t accept in terms of financial rewards for playing college basketball.


Basketball, relative to other sports, is not all that old. Invented in 1891 in Massachusetts by a Canadian PE teacher who wanted something less physical than football, and something that was less prone to injuries. He was also looking for something that could be played indoors when winter set in that could condition college athletes. He used two teams of nine players and a basket that was hung up high on a gym balcony with a ball. The object was simple: get the ball in the basket to score points. This “basket ball” game only had 13 rules originally. Soon, it became extremely cumbersome to stop the game and remove the ball from the basket so the bottom was cut out so the ball could slide effortlessly through.

Basketball quickly grew and was taken up by colleges and universities where students just played for fun. Soon, however, college basketball became organized into teams from colleges that played against each other. As the popularity of basketball grew, it wasn’t long before a professional basketball league was formed.

Basketball continued to grow, and not just as a professional sport, but also recreationally. After all, it was a team sport with non-stop action that kept you moving. It was also fun and exciting to watch, which helped to build a fan base. Today, we now know that playing basketball is an intense cardiovascular workout that will burn calories, build bone strength, and helps to boost the immune system. It’s also great for kids since it helps to develop better coordination and motor skills, as well as helps to improve concentration and self-discipline. Bounce Sporting Club, a sports bar and corporate event venue in Chicago, recognizes the benefits of basketball by both playing and watching. Watching basketball can foster community as people all share a passion for their team, and it’s a great opportunity to just relax and escape the worries of your daily life. With our mouth-watering menu, that features items such as wings, tacos, salads, and burger, and our drink specials, our sports bar is a great place to meet people and spend time. Visit us today!


Like most games, the object is for your team to win. You do that by scoring points when the ball that your team throws goes through the basket. You try to shoot the basket into your goal. If you shoot the basket into the opposing team’s goal, then they will get a point instead. Different baskets are worth different points, depending on how far away you were when you shot it, or if it was a basket based on a penalty. In general, every basket is worth two points, with some being worth three or one. Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game, wins.


There is no shame in being ignorant about a sport. Instead, educate yourself so that you, too, can enjoy watching basketball without becoming dizzy.

Bounce Sporting Club, a sports bar and corporate event venue in Chicago, notes that a great way to learn about a sport is to learn from others. This means heading to your local sports bar. You can either ask questions of those sitting around you who are watching the game, or you can merely sit and listen to some die-hard college basketball fans who are sitting near you. You can learn a lot from those who follow college basketball who know the ins-and-outs and who also know the current standings.

As a fan, what’s important is that you have a good time watching the game with your friends. In Chicago, we believe there is no better place to do so then at our sports bar and corporate event venue, Bounce Sporting Club. If you want to watch basketball with a lot of your friends, then consider taking advantage of our corporate event venue spaces. We have large event venue spaces, such as our Field House, that can hold up to 300 people, and then we have smaller venue space for a more intimate setting that are designed for up to 45 occupants, such as our Sky Box. We invite you to choose us as your basketball venue and sports bar of choice today!

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