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College Basketball Teams to Watch for This Upcoming 2020 Season

By January 2, 2020 January 14th, 2020 No Comments
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It’s a new year, a new season, and that means that it’s time for college basketball to come in full force. While the season technically may have begun on November 5 when Kansas played Duke in the Champions Classic at Madison Square Garden (and then Michigan State played Kentucky), many people typically equate college basketball season with the start of a new year. After the seven long months we had off, it’s time to get the jerseys out and cheer for your favorite college basketball team no matter where they stand in the current rankings. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the top teams to look out for this 2020 season (in no particular order). Keep reading to learn more! 


Michigan State 

Even though Michigan State has lost a few of their best players, they do have some talented veterans on their team that have the ability to take the team to the top. Players like Kyle Ahrens, Xavier Tilman, Joshua Langford, and Aaron Henry (just to name a few) are returning and we have new players like Rocket Watts and Malik Hall. They even have Hall of Famer, Tom Izzo, and Cassisus Winston who has been named one of the best players in college basketball. A pretty impressive team to say the least! 



Duke has always been a strong team in the history of college basketball. They have some new players coming in who have been predicted to have a strong impact on the way the team plays. Some of these new players include Vernon Carey, Wendell Moore, Matthew Hurt, and Cassius Stanley. Both Matthew Hurt and Wendell Moore are predicted to have a high impact on the game, specifically on the defensive side. 



Gonzaga is another school that has always been at the top of most people’s rankings, and for good reason. This team has seen some of the best players and the best wins. Even though the team lost a bit off the roster last season, there are some people questioning what players are going to actually pull through this year. However, they do have an impressive line up which may actually put them higher on the roster for 2020. 



This year, Kentucky is supposed to have an extremely strong team, specifically looking at the backcourt. Player Ashton Hagans is returning for his second season where he and Tyrese Maxely may be the toughest and most competitive defensive backcourt in college basketball. On the perimeter, players like Immanuel Quickly, Johnny Juzang, and Keion Brooks will have the other teams worried. The addition of transfer Nate Sestina from Bucknell will also provide some depth and experience where this team needs it. Coach Cal will have some interesting decisions to make when it comes to the plays but he for sure has the team to carry them out! Kentucky is one of the top teams that we recommend you to look out for this year! 



Kansas is a bit of a tricky one due to ramifications of the Notice of Allegations that the university received back in late October. These will be discussed and held over the team’s head over the duration of the season no doubt, but they’re still on the list to watch. All the things that happened off-court are going to be dealt with all season long even though it’s been a few months since, but they do have one of the best centers in the country, Udoka Azubuike. He’s also been called one of the best low-post scorers in college basketball. Devon Dotson has also been named one of the best point guards. Ochai Agbaji will also be headlining as one of the team’s breakout stars, so they do have a strong team to combat all of the previous issues. Whatever happens this season, it will for sure be interesting but we can expect some great plays out of them. 


Once again, these are just a few of the teams that we will be keeping an eye on this season but there are still so many other teams that we know are going to be great. If you’re looking for a place to kick back and enjoy the game, Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago is the place to be. With handcrafted beverages, chef-curated food, and plenty of large screen tv’s to watch the game on grab your friends and head over to Bounce Sporting Club. We’re also the perfect spot for corporate events and private functions! Connect with us today to set up a reservation!

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