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What To Wear For Women: New Years Eve Edition

By December 15, 2019 No Comments
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December is a jam-packed month. From all of the holiday parties and gatherings, the actual holidays (whichever you end up celebrating), and all the prep work you do ahead of time, New Year’s Eve tends to creep up real quick. Get ahead of the game by getting your New Year’s Eve plans ready and ring in the New Year with Bounce Sporting Club in New York City.


With sequin dresses and shiny jumpsuits, there truly isn’t one right way to dress up when you go out for New Year’s Eve. So many stores are showcasing their holiday collections, so how do you choose the perfect outfit? New Year’s Eve, especially in New York City, is the perfect time to experiment and go a bit out of your comfort zone when it comes to fashion. Whether you’re purchasing a new outfit or simply showcasing one of your favorite staple pieces that’s already in your closet, we know that you’re going to look fabulous. In this blog post, we will be going over some of our favorite trends when it comes to fashion for the new year. Keep reading to learn more! 



A jumpsuit is something classic that tends to be universally flattering no matter your body type. It’s the perfect way to make it look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit, but in reality, you’re just wearing one piece of clothing. There are also so many styles to choose from. You can do a traditional spaghetti strap jumpsuit or spice things up with a one-shoulder or strapless jumpsuit. There are so many options when it comes to jumpsuits. From the color schemes and patterns to the different pant lengths and top options, you’re almost guaranteed to find something that you love. Jumpsuits are also extremely versatile in the aspect that you can wear them for almost any type of event. You can easily layer a jacket, scarf, and even a cute hat so that you’re warm and stylish. Jumpsuits are really one of the most versatile clothing choices that will have you looking and feeling fabulous this New Year’s Eve. 


Matching Sets 

We love that matching sets have come back in style. Honestly, we hope this trend never goes away. Not only does it take out the guesswork of trying to make sure that your outfit is perfectly coordinated, but it makes getting ready ten times easier. Matching sets come in a variety of options. You can get a set that includes long pants and a long sleeved top or you can go for something a bit more girly, with a skirt and top. They’re also great because they can be tailored to fit the weather. Here in New York City, it can get cold, especially during New Year’s Eve. With matching sets, you can still rock a cute outfit that is also weather appropriate, because let’s be honest, nothing is worse than freezing your butt off outside because of your outfit. Hypothermia is not a cute look, guys. 


Sequin Dresses 

Sequins are one of the top trends for New Year’s Eve outfits, no matter what year is. This style is something that will probably never go out of style. After all, who doesn’t want to wear an outfit that resembles the infamous ball drop in Times Square? Sequin dresses are the perfect outfit to wear and can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what your plans are. You can rock a pair of snakeskin boots with them or even pair it with some trendy sneakers if you’re not into the heels look. You can also find a dress that’s guaranteed to fit your personal style. If you want something a little more bold and edgy, try a low v-cut neckline or a dress with structured shoulders. Or if you want something with more of a classic look, a boat neck or tank lined dress is another perfect option.  


Blazer Dresses 

Blazer dresses are a pretty recent trend, but something that we are hoping continues long into the new year. Blazer dresses are a perfect option to spend New Year’s Eve in. Due to their structured appearance, they are great if you’re trying to look professional yet fashionable. These dresses give an air of sophistication, so if you’re going out to a fancier place or somewhere that has a stricter dress code, you may want to choose one of these. Blazer dresses are also long-sleeved, which makes them a great option for colder weather. Yes, your legs will be exposed, but pair this dress with a long-lined dress and boom, you have an outfit! 


Faux Fur Jackets 

It’s almost 2020, which is why we’re all wearing faux fur instead of real fur. We don’t stand for animal cruelty here! Faux fur jackets are not only a fun statement but they keep you warm, which is one of the best parts about it. There are so many faux fur options and almost every single store has some rendition of a faux fur jacket. From cheetah print and zebra to faux mink and rabbit fur, you can easily find the perfect color and pattern to complement any look in your closet. They’re also so much easier to clean and care for than traditional animal fur, so if you spill a cocktail on it during the New Years countdown, you don’t have to worry! 

New Year’s Eve in New York is truly a night that you won’t want to forget! There is just something different about spending your night out and about in the city that never sleeps. Bounce Sporting Club in New York City is your number one New Years Eve destination. Ring in the New Year by spending it with us. We have a wide variety of New Year’s Eve packages and reservations that you can find here. From bottle service to private tables, we promise to give you a night you’ll remember. Bounce Sporting Club offers you beautiful views of the New York skyline, hand-crafted cocktails, and chef-inspired food. Reserve your spot today!

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