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Picking A Theme For Your Holiday Party

By November 5, 2019 November 6th, 2019 No Comments
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November is the beginning of the holiday season. The year is almost over and with that comes the typical holiday corporate events! The office Christmas party is a wonderful way to thank your employees for all of the incredible work that they’ve done as well as help make them feel appreciated, all while having a bit of fun at the same time! However, we know that many times these parties get a bad reputation. Gone are the days of cringe-worthy decorations and “hello” to fun and innovative themed holiday party ideas that your employees are sure to remember! 


It’s also important to know that not everyone celebrates Christmas. Due to the many cultural and religious beliefs, it’s important that you make those who don’t celebrate Christmas feel welcomed no matter what they decide to celebrate this holiday season. While some people are fine with having Christmas-related decorations, themes, and other things, it’s still important to recognize that another holiday theme might be more inclusive. In this blog post, we will be discussing some fun holiday party themes that are guaranteed to make any holiday party pop! Keep reading to learn more and make your holiday party this year one to remember! 


The Ugly Sweater Party 

We’ve all seen them. Some of us are probably even guilty of wearing these outside of a themed holiday party. No matter if you’ve seen or worn them, those horrid holiday sweaters are somewhat of a weird tradition that we can’t get rid of. Having a themed ugly sweater party for your employees allows them to show their creativity and personalities through whatever they decide to wear. It’s also a great idea to theme your party something silly like this if you’re trying to plan an event that is a little bit more relaxed and laid back. The ugly sweaters are a great conversation starter between co-workers. This is especially great if you have a larger company and want to encourage your employees to interact and mingle with one another. 


Masquerade Themed 

Whether you work in an office that requires a stricter dress code or you’re a business casual office that wants to spice things up a bit, having a masquerade-themed party is a fun and innovative way to keep the festivities going without having to deck your event venue out in the classic red and white decorations. You can do so much with a masquerade party! The decorations can be harlequin theatrical masks that can feature anything decadent! From bright colors and even neutrals, the sky’s the limit when you use this theme. Your guests will be able to show up with a mask that matches their outfit which can be such a fun way to get your creative side out. For those who don’t have masks, you can layout a station where your guests can make their own masks with all the supplies laid out. Masquerade parties also tend to be full of dancing so you can hire a local band and get everyone on the dance floor! 


Nightmare Before Christmas 

If you haven’t seen the Tim Burton classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, do yourself a favor and check it out on either Netflix or Hulu. If you’re a company that’s looking to host a party but you’re unsure if you want to do it in December, combining Halloween and Christmas is a great way to have your holiday party early while still giving your employees that nice break! It can also be a fun way to utilize your company’s Halloween and holiday decorations. Giving your holiday party a bit of a goth theme can easily spice up your typical holiday party. You can dress the room up in black and white, decorate it with tinsel, skulls, santa hats, and balloons. The options are truly endless!  


Winter Wonderland 

No matter where you’re from, there is something undeniably stunning as snow during the holiday season. You can theme your event with fake snow, ice skating, hot chocolate and so much more! Decorating your space to look like a winter palace with white draping, fairy lights, ice sculptures, glittering snowflakes, and even cuddly polar bears can be added into the mix. 


A winter themed party can be especially fun if you work somewhere where it isn’t as cold or if it doesn’t snow in the winter. 


Candy Land 

Think Santa’s workshop but even better! Having a candy land themed party can be a fun boost of color that can even extend beyond your traditional candy cane stripes. This can also be a fun theme for your holiday party if there are going to be children there. It’s important to cater your holiday party theme towards who is going to be there, and for some having a party that they can bring their children to is going to entice them to come. There are so many benefits that can stem from going to your company’s holiday party which you can read more about by clicking here


Around The World 

Almost every single culture and country has some type of celebration that happens around December, even if it isn’t a surrounding a Christmas tree. If your office has a ton of diversity, it could be a great idea to do a multicultural office party. It can encourage people to embrace their traditions and share them with others. 


When trying to figure out a theme for your holiday party your employees are more likely to attend an event when it’s somewhere that is appealing to most everyone, which is all the more reason to host your next holiday event at Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago! Bounce Sporting Club offers you everything that you could ever need and want when it comes to holiday parties no matter what holiday theme you’re going for.


At Bounce Sporting Club, we have multiple options to host your event in that can cater to multiple-party sizes. With stunning views of the Chicago skyline and modern lounges, your guests will be able to enjoy their time outside the office. We also offer handcrafted drinks and gourmet food that can easily be catered to multiple dietary needs. We’re even featuring some new menu items like our Pepperoni a la Vodka Flatbread and Firecracker Shrimp Tacos!   


Bounce Sporting Club in Chicago is the perfect place to host your event this season. No matter if you’re going for cocktail attire or just want to simply kick back and enjoy a drink with your coworkers, Bounce Sporting Club Chicago offers casual yet professional aesthetics that can be dressed up or down. Connect with us today to book your reservation!

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