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Choosing When To Host Your Company’s Next Corporate Event

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Event planning is no joke. Seriously, it can take months to plan a corporate event. So, next time you see the person whos in charge of event planning at your company, stop and say thank you because it’s hard work! It can be especially difficult when figuring out what season to plan your company party. Many companies have some type of strategy when it comes to their event planning. For example, some companies have quarterly events or seasonal events during the holidays. So when exactly is the best time to plan an event to ensure not only that your guests have fun but that all of the details are taken care of? Well, keep reading to find out! 


Figure Out Your Lead Time 

Once again, you need ample time to plan an event. No matter the size or budget, it’s important to start planning with enough time. In fact, give yourself more time than you think you’ll need. There’s always those last-minute details that seem to creep up and you’ll be thanking yourself later for the extra wiggle room. One of the first steps to creating an incredible event it picking the event venue. If you have a speaker you’ll need to book them and their potential transportation as well. If you’re selling tickets you’ll want to give your guests enough to buy them as well. Time is money, so plan and spend yours accordingly. 


Figure Out Your Schedule 

This can be a tricky one. Of course, you’ll never be able to find a weekend or time of day that fits into everyone’s schedule but there are better times than others to schedule an event. Fall can be a great time to host an event due to school schedules. If a large part of your company has children, they’re more likely to be more productive during the fall since some of the stress of childcare is alleviated due to their children being in school full time. You’re also more likely to not have to compete with summer vacation plans, which means you’ll have a higher retention rate at the event. However, if you do plan on booking an event in the fall you’ll have to remember that the later you go into the fall, you may have venues bump up the prices due to the holiday season. Typically you can expect September and October to be packed with corporate events, so if you’re wanting to book yours then you’ll want to get on it right away. 


Give Yourself A Budget

Corporate events can cost a large amount of money and this can increase with the number of people that are attending. Write out a list of everything that you’re expecting to pay and their expected costs. When you’re speaking with venues or caterers get a full list of what they charge for. Laying out every single cost will allow you to get a better idea of how much money you’re going to have to spend on these events. If you have an event that your employees might have to travel to, let them know with ample time so that they can budget their own money appropriately. If your party is themed with a color or a type of dress, allow your guests enough time to find outfits for it as well. The earlier you let people know, the better. Trust us, both you and your guests will be happier for it. Just like time, you’re likely to want to give yourself a bigger budget than needed. But, this doesn’t mean you can blow it on silly things. Take the time to financially plan out a strategy! 


At Bounce Sporting Club we understand all the trials and tribulations that can come with corporate event planning. Let us make it easier for you and book your event at our New York location! With incredible gourmet food, delicious drinks, and views of the New York skyline, we promise your employees will be talking about this event for years to come. We offer the perfect professional yet relaxed environment for your company’s needs. With two rooms that are set to accommodate parties both small and large (up to 250), you’re guaranteed to find something for you. Book your next event with us by clicking here. We can’t wait to have you!

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