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How To Network Like A Pro

By August 9, 2019 August 30th, 2019 No Comments
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Networking, it’s truly the flirting of the business world. But, knowing exactly how to make the right impression, especially at a corporate event can be really difficult. Mingling with your coworkers can almost feel like a blind date, but instead of wanting to get a second date, you’re trying to score some great professional benefits. They say it’s all about who you know and that couldn’t be truer. Having the right professional contacts can help you expand your business and open the door to more opportunities, and one of the best ways to do this is by attending your company’s next corporate event. Whether it’s your first event with a new company or you’ve worked there for years, connecting with people can help you grow in all aspects, business or not. 


At Bounce Sporting Club, we’re here to help you host the perfect event that will have your employees networking amongst themselves. No matter how large your company is, we’ll be there to give you gourmet food, hand-crafted drinks, stunning views of the Chicago skyline, and so much more. When you host a corporate event with us, we can promise it will be anything but boring. Your employees work hard, so it’s only fair you give them the opportunity to relax, mingle, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Gone are the days of uncomfortable awkward work parties that your employees dread attending. When you book your event with us, your employees will be begging for more events, we promise! 


All that aside, let’s take a look at some of the top tips that we’ve assembled that can help boost your networking game, as well as help you make a great first impression. 


Be Real 

Networking can be awkward and uncomfortable. It’s almost like getting set up on a blind date. The same rules apply. When you’re talking to someone, don’t take over the conversation. Instead, let them talk about themselves. We all want to feel like people are genuinely interested in us no matter the situation. When you ask questions and get to know the person, they’re more likely to remember you past all the cookie-cutter small talk. Building a personal connection means that they may remember you when it comes to future business opportunities. 



It’s not rocket science. When you look more approachable, people are more likely to want to engage in conversation with you. While it can be nerve-racking, fake it til you make it. If you look closed off and uncomfortable, it’s going to show. So just smile through it, and you’ll start to relax and find that it’s easier to talk to strangers. This can really go a long way when you’re trying to make a good first impression. 


Don’t Sell Yourself 

When making a first impression, it may feel like you have to list all your best achievements, but it can come off like you’re just pitching speech on yourself. It’s best to discuss anything business-related on a more casual level. Think share, not sell. 


Ask Questions 

This can apply to everything. People love to talk about themselves and when you ask questions that you’re genuinely curious about, it shows you care. Think about thoughtful questions that you can ask others. Not only can it help you save a conversation, but it also shows that you’re paying attention to what they’re saying. The more interested in others you are, the more interesting you become.  


Try and Make a New Friend 

Networking can be very intimidating and may even feel like it comes with a ton of pressure. If you go into an event with the intention of gathering a bunch of leads or business cards, it’s likely to become uncomfortable. Networking doesn’t have to feel like a round of speed dating. Relax, take a breath and enjoy your night. Everyone is in the same boat, and you’re likely to meet some great people. Even feeling like you’ve gained one new friend from this event is equally as successful. 


Understand How These Connections Can Help You in the Future 

Networking is an incredible way to build business connections, but it’s important to understand that the sole purpose of networking isn’t just to be self-serving. You may even find that you have something to offer that may help them. Yes, it’s important to make connections, but it’s just as important to understand how to apply those connections. 

At Bounce Sporting Club, hosting private corporate events is one of our favorite things to do. Let us do all the hard work, and let your employees relax and mingle amongst themselves. Hosting a corporate event in an upscale sports club allows for the perfect atmosphere for networking. Contact us today to reserve your spot today. When you host your next corporate event with us, your employees will be talking about it for months to come after!

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