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How To Talk About Sports Like You Know What You’re Doing

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Yes, it’s that time of the year, sport season has arrived. Which sport season? Well if you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you don’t care and it doesn’t matter. However, due to social obligations in your next corporate event at a sports bar in Chicago, you’ll have to pretend for a few hours to maintain your social standing around the office. So, if you find yourself trapped in a conversation about “the game,” here are some tips you can use to talk about sports convincingly.

You Can Use Your Phone

In the age of the omnipresent smartphone, it’s not uncommon for people to text while they talk. When Bill from marketing corners you and starts asking you about your favorite team’s performance last year, don’t panic. Take a sip of your mixed drink, and with phone in hand, ask for a moment while you text back your significant other. Hide the panic in your eyes and quickly look up the local sports team on Google. Read a quick overview of their season on ESPN or local news station.

Meaningless phrases like “oh yeah, strong season last year, hoping for the same this year,” or “What a disappointment! Can you believe how they’re running that team!” are often met with a curt nod and a polite grunt.

Read the Crowd

It’s very likely that your if you’re attending a corporate outing at a sports bar, it’s because someone higher up the chain than you has a vested interest in the performance of the local sports team. For moments like these, you don’t have to so much talk about sports, as much as simply react to them. Measure your boss or manager’s reaction to what’s going on. If they’re wearing an article of clothing with the sports teams logo on it, you’ll know who to cheer for or who to groan for.

For those with training in the arts, you can put your theater skills to use and really sell your performance. For those not meant for the stage, downing a few shots can help loosen you up and really get you into the spirit of things. Just don’t oversell it. If you’re the loudest one at the bar, you’ll be the one that’s asked the most questions. Make sure your performance is subtle and nuanced, much like Kevin Costner’s performance in the iconic baseball film Field Of Dreams.

Find a Sympathetic Teacher

Look, not all of us forgot to even watch sports, let alone play them. Lucky for you, there’s a subsection of sports fans that recognize this. Maybe they played the game in high school, or grew up watching it with their dad, whatever it is they understand that not everybody is into it as they are. Not only are these individuals great teachers, but they also appear to be psychic in some way. They can often tell just by looking at you that you have no idea what’s going on, and will move towards you and offer up insights into the game.

If you have to find one on your own, these individuals have “a look.” Rather than leaning across the bar like more avid sports fans, these individuals are often leaning back in their seats light beer in hand and tie casually loosened. With approachable names like “Ted,” “Mike,” and “Dave,” they have a welcoming air that more aggressive sports fans like the “Chets,” “Brads,” and “Reggies” of the world do not. Find them, and let them bathe you in sports knowledge.

Find Another Faker and Just Talk About Something Else

Of course, perhaps the easiest way to fake talking about sports is to simply avoid the topic at all. It’s very likely that someone else at this corporate event is just as disinterested as to what’s happening on the field as you are. You’ll recognize him from across the bar because they look just like you. The same disinterested malaise painted across their face, craft beer in one hand and phone open on Twitter in the other. Make your way over there and strike of casual conversation. Problem solved and now you’ve insulated yourself from the commotion around you.

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